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Onboarding Workbot-Shorten Time Take To Answer Employee Queries By 50% | by Botspice | Apr, 2021

Onboarding is a tedious and laborious administrative process. A new hire often has multiple questions before joining a company. Understanding the policies, functionality and, processes of an organization is the no-so-exciting part of the new job, however the most important.

According to a study, up to 20% of all new hires resign within the first 45 days of their role, representing an enormous loss for the business in terms of time and money spent on recruitment.

There are several reasons why new hires decide to cut their time short:

  • Expectations created that are unsettled from the time of recruitment.
  • Lack of clarity about their roles.
  • Autocratic management process.
  • Limited opportunities for self-development.

Workbot- Powering the Future of Work!

Forrester Research mentioned that 87% of CEOs are looking to modernize their HR department using Artificial Intelligence bots.

Onboarding Workbot by Botspice engages employees and prepares them for their roles to the point of acceptance. Maintaining employee engagement from the critical first day and into the future as well.

Workbots can direct your HR team’s attention to more strategic and impactful work and ease the onboarding process of new employees and effectively automate 80% of the HR processes.

Reducing 50% reduction of the time spent responding to common HR questions.

Transforming HR department processes from a cost center operation to a money-spinner!!

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Workbot’s can help employees:

· Learn about the Company’s policies, processes, and procedures.

Workbot’s help employees understand the company’s policies and can ask questions without depending on the HR team, simple tasks like knowing a process, joining a company activity can be done with the help of a Workbot.

Employee- “What is the company’s policy on parental leave?

Workbot — “You can take 3–4 weeks of paid paternity leave”.

· Orientate and ease into their new job roles and responsibilities.

Orientation comes under the job responsibility of HR they guide the employee about the expectations and roles of their job. This however needs coordination with various departments for making sure onboarding is not just apt but also personalized. Such a process can be made easier for the onboarding employees with Workbot holding the new hire.

· Track the status of work attendance and vacation leave.

Workbot simplifies leave and attendance inquiries with an AI-powered chat interface enabling employees to request leaves and getting them approved instantly without having to navigate through a portal.

Employee- “Can I take two days off in May?”

Workbot- “Which dates are you looking at?”

· Identify skill gaps and seek upskilling opportunities.

Onboarding Workbot can make learning and training easier by instantly answering queries put up by the employees. These can be followed by quizzes and Multiple questions and answers to evaluate the employees’ learning capabilities. Workbot’s can also send the team updates and information regarding an upcoming learning course offered by the company.

Employee- “Can I register for a course?

Workbot- “Sure what courses are you looking for”

· Understand employee benefits and welfare.

Workbot allows employees to manage their insurance claims quickly and efficiently and help employees understand the benefits the company offers.

Employee- “What does my corporate insurance plan include?

Workbot- “Your current Health insurance provides a fixed sum insured amount that covers the cost of hospitalization in the event of an illness or accident. The hospitalization should be for more than 24 hours.”

Why Botspice?

A Workbot with Artificial Intelligence is the best solution to add value to employee experience while reducing operational costs.

With Botspice you can easily create your AI-powered conversational HR Workbot with a no-code platform that is easy to implement across multiple channels. A Workbot that can be trusted and answers concurrent questions through personalized cerebral conversations is what you need to change your company’s onboarding game!

Build a Workbot for Onboarding today!

Visit, www.botspice.com

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