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Conversational AI for Supply Chain

Conversational ai for supply chain

As far as emerging technologies are concerned, conversational AI is transforming the global customer experience. We are in the 4th business revolution, and traditional manufacturing and supply chain management has endured a complete digital makeover. The components of the supply chain in the age of industrial AI have become essential, considering the nature of the workload.

Customers are constantly in touch with your businesses to know the status of assigned work. The major pain point is how to keep track of your SCM process on live mode?

This is where Nuacem’s flagship products play an essential role in resolving the queries 24/7 for your esteemed business. If your customer considers you reliable, then it’s of utmost importance to delivery on time. You gain customer trust through the conversational AI offered by Market leaders.

Supply chain management is a complex process. They expect unsurprisingly established workflows. In this competitive environment, conventional interface and complex routings of apps may affect the user experience adversely. Like GUI now we have CUI — Conversational user interface wherein we will know the necessary details through natural language either through text or voice.

Automation has allowed superior management of the flow of goods and services, sophisticated analytics, leading-edge warehousing, and inventory management plans.

Nuacem’s flagship AI-powered chatbots offer a Conversational User Interface — CUI solutions for your supply chain and manufacturing operations. Right from placing orders to processing payments and tracking orders, these bots perform multiple requests.

With easier data retrieval and better interaction with your CRM systems, bots are helpful in transforming the user experience for your customers from start to finish. Unlike ordinary monotonous bots, nuacem’s bots are fully capable of understanding your customers’ utterances and perform intent analysis.

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Nuacem’s smart and intelligent chatbot machine learning engine acts as an independent platform maintaining its database, which can be integrated into any of your systems. Each system will be assigned an organization ID, and training data will be stored in the database against that ID along with the primary language of the bot.

The models generate pickle files for every bot and stores the training data in these files. The pickle files are generated depending on the engine that uses neural network models to predict answers in a contextual manner. Every user input will be sent to the engine to check whether there are any intent/faq/Smalltalk/entity matches.

The following are essential benefits of integrating smart and intelligent bots to your enterprise platform for a better customer experience, which in turn boosts your business.

24/7 Support:

  • Your business doesn’t require a dedicated agent to respond to queries, shipment tracking, or bookings. Bots provide seamless support round the clock.
  • SCM chatbots can manage a broad range of assignments such as communication, procurement, payment processing, etc. They will also trigger the notification to the human agents if required.

Live tracking:

  • In supply chain & manufacturing, order reference and time are of paramount importance. Nuacem’s bots reduce service queues and provide the live status of an order to the clients.

Superior Customer Relationships:

  • Enhanced customer experience is achieved due to real-time, and simple navigation with reduced wait time makes even more productive for your business.

Conversational User Interface:

  • Clients receive customized responses to their queries in the simplest form. Hence, customer engagement is on the highest level based on contextual conversation, allowing them to finalize the deals.


  • Bots use sophisticated machine learning in supply chain management. They become smarter with each interaction, and consequently, the operations continue to become more efficient over a period of time.

Faster Responses:

  • Nuacem’s Botjet provides a 100% uptime which implies there is almost no delay in a bot response, and your consumers get the essential information on the go.

Integration with Enterprise Systems:

  • Nuacem’s products can be easily incorporated with your current enterprise systems and applications like your websites, messaging apps, and internal apps.

Actionable Insights:

  • Bots record each customer’s interaction and provide you with precious understandings that help you to modify your approaches for better performance. Bots become wiser over more interactions.

Maintenance and Support:

  • Nuacem also helps you with routine maintenance and other assistance concerning your bots. Hence, you get flawless and continual support from your bots to capitalize on each interaction of the customer.

To provide you the right intelligence to the right individuals at the right time is a primary pain point for most of SCM enterprises. With bots, you ensure transparent supply chain management for your associates, customers, and merchants. Customers can flawlessly track their shipments round the clock.

Finally, Nuacem is an AI-powered omnichannel customer engagement platform that represents the full features and capabilities required to build advanced customer engagement, experience, and support solutions built for your businesses. The Nuacem’s flagship Conversational Platform — Botjet, delivers comprehensive features and abilities required to develop advanced and intelligent enterprise-grade chatbot solutions.

Nuacem’s AI platform powers natural language business products that are continually enhanced through AI-powered tools and platforms that empower human capital to evaluate performance manages the conversations and enhance end-user experience immaculately.

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