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Solitaired Is an Educational Solitaire Game that Celebrates Notable Figures from History

This is just one of the astonishing facts you’ll learn by playing Solitaired, the remarkably comprehensive Solitaire compendium from serial entrepreneurs Darshan Somashekar and Neal Taparia. They offer over 500 solitaire games, including popular versions like Freecell and Spider.

Originally released in October last year, Solitaired is both a game and a teaching platform, and its developers have partnered with a number of organizations to highlight notable historical and cultural figures on the game’s decks.

Recently, Solitaired celebrated the centennial of women’s suffrage by joining forces with Encyclopedia Britannica to highlight 52 of the suffragists who fought and campaigned for women’s right to vote.

Another recent initiative saw Solitaired partnering up with MIT’s Lemelson program to highlight 52 seminal inventors, along with the inventions that they gave to the world.

Yet another celebrated 52 heroes of space and flight to mark the return of US astronauts to space, while the most recent deck introduced 52 leading members of the civil rights movement.

It seems like a great idea to us. Those 52 cards are prime screen real estate, so why not fill them with edifying, inspirational material?

But not only that. Solitaired also features designs created by acclaimed real world playing card designers, allowing you to use the popular Parrot deck, as well as the equally popular Jones Playing Card decks.

And, lest we forget, there are 500 different Solitaire variants to play, along with a Game of the Day, oodles of stats to let you know how you’re getting on, and records to try and topple.

Solitaire has been a mainstay of the gaming landscape ever since Microsoft decided to bundle it with Windows. But it’s a fairly unassuming mainstay, played all the time but rarely spoken about.

Solitaired hopes to change that, adding a whole new horizon-broadening dimension to everybody’s favorite time-killer.

Download it for free right now on the Google Play Store, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store. It’ll be arriving on iOS soon too.

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