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Conversational AI for Banking Sector | Nucam

With the rise of the digital era, chatbots have launched innovative ways for banking and financial services to interact with customers. Chatbots for banks can hold natural interaction with your customers and respond to convoluted queries related to the banking transaction with the help of conversational AI.

By using Nuacem’s branded bots, you can develop customized chatbots for your financial process to focus on any necessity of their clients, contact center representatives, or sales advisors.

Using Nuacem’s bot as a unique offering, the banking sectors can provide a facelift to their existing customer engagement platform or help build a new bot for better business. The most sought conversational AI will also help the financial sector to enhance their competencies by divesting significant tons of superfluous jobs engaged in claims, responding to inbound voice calls, and other transactional processes spread across the department.

By satisfactory response through your business can build a long-term relationship with your customer, thereby enhanced revenue. This would encourage a superior level of customer loyalty.

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Conversational AI platforms are so advanced that one of the major research firms — Juniper Research has predicted that conversational AI technology has the potential to cut down the OpEx — operational expenditure nearly $8 billion by 2022.

European banking and financial sectors are moving ahead even more swiftly than their US counterparts in implementing Nuacem’s chatbot — The conversational AI.

Let’s take an example to understand one of the reputed banks in the EMEA region. The top-performing European financial body — DNB, was also able to slash client chat assistance by a whopping 49 percent while supervising more than 10,000 automated conversations every day. Nuacem’s conversational AI provides unique features for all your banking needs proving to be a real game-changer.

Nuacem is an AI-powered Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform that presents the full features and capabilities required to build sophisticated customer engagement, experience, and support solutions built for businesses. The Nuacem’s Conversational Platform — Botjet, offers comprehensive features and abilities needed to build advanced and intelligent enterprise chatbot solutions.

Nuacem’s AI platform powers natural language business products that are continually enhanced through AI-powered tools and platforms that empower human capital to evaluate performance manages the conversations and enhance end-user experience seamlessly.

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