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How Rasa NLU is moving past Intents | by Stefan Kojouharov | Apr, 2021

They may say or type responses that make perfect sense however their responses still fall outside of any intent.

For example, if a user asks about a refund, by typing just their order number, what happens?

What is the intent of that message?

Obviously, the order number is an entity but since there isn’t a clear intent that it’s mapped to, it will trigger a retrieval action that combines all of your intents into a single FAQ and in this way we have already moved past intents and right into context!

RASA is taking this insight to the next level and on May 25th, Alan Nickole, the co-founder and CTO or Rasa will share how RASA is moving beyond intents and using context!

Alan Nickole, Co-founder & CTO @ Rasa

Alan Nickole, Co-founder & CTO @ Rasa

Very exciting talk as we are seeing NLP/NLU going through a major revolution.

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