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Laravel and Vue.JS: Perfect Combination for Web App Development

In the world of application development too, there are matches made for each other. One such match is Laravel and Vue.JS — the 2 most popular web development frameworks.

Let us examine what makes this combination so fruitful?

What is Vue.JS?

Vuejs is a progressive framework that’s widely used by the developer community for building user interfaces. Vuejs, which is mostly used for prototyping, has a core library with scalable elements. This library integrates really well with other JavaScript libraries. Vuejs alone can be used for building single-page and sophisticated applications. However, when integrated with other platforms, Vuejs is equally convenient. In a report by Stack Overflow 2020, 66% of developers said they preferred Vue JS.

For companies offering Vue.JS development services, this framework makes the life of developers easier due to its comprehensive documentation. Vuejs shares common principles with Angular and React. As a result, new developers have a faster learning curve.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is also a progressive PHP framework that has a Model-View-Controller (MVC) principle for creating an open-source framework. Launched in 2011, it simplifies the entire development process while delivering a stellar performance.

Another advantage of Laravel is its flexibility and ease of use. It can perform well at scale. The Stack Overflow 2020 survey stated that 51.4% of developers preferred Laravel for its scalability.

Laravel PHP framework separates model, controller and view, thus demarcating presentation code and business logic code. Laravel makes it easy to streamline bug-fixing and iterations without allocating any additional resources. Some noted companies that used Laravel are 9GAG, BBC and Pfizer. Laravel application development becomes a smoother process because it handles threats such as cross-site scripting or SQL injection in the process of development itself quite smoothly.

Why Do You Want to Use Laravel and Vue.JS in Your Next Project?

Frontend Development

Today, the Internet is driven by events. Users feel like they are just switching from one application on their computer to the next, even while using online applications.

Vuejs facilitates the development of a full-scale event-driven application, i.e all the activity gets handled on the frontend itself. Since Vuejs integrates with Laravel really well, you just need to make a few trips to request data from your Laravel application and make your UI changes by switching the components without reloading the page.

Efficient Handling of Updates 

As the application scales during the web application development, it’s obvious that the data volume will start to eat up more resources with each update. This affects the web performance and the page starts showing lags. This is a common problem with other JavaScript libraries. But Vue.JS has a virtual DOM that prevents lags. As a result, whenever an update is launched, it updates only the data that needs a change without disrupting the application’s performance. When combined with data flow management tools such as Redux and Flux, Vue.JS and Laravel make web app development quite smooth.

Quicker Learning Curve

Both Vue.JS and Laravel have a faster learning curve especially for developers who are familiar with AngularJS, ReactJS, Vanilla, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, or any other language that binds data. Vuejs also integrates easily with Laravel — a combination that works wonders for web application development.

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