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7 Personalized WhatsApp Templates To Keep Your Customers Happy | by interakt | Apr, 2021


In 2020, conversational marketing proved to be one of the most effective marketing approaches. While WhatsApp alone may not be able to generate the larger amount of direct sales for your E-Commerce business, it certainly has to be your go-to channel for establishing a community of loyal customers and enhancing your brand’s visibility. Whether it’s answering customer queries, offering support, alerting customers about new products, getting feedback and reviews, or so on and so forth — it is the perfect channel for all communication.

Not too many blog posts ago, we told you how E-Commerce businesses can leverage WhatsApp API for their growth. In this article, we’re going to plunge further into how you can anchor your outgoing communication using WhatsApp Templates.

If you’re looking for proven ways that you can adapt for communicating with your customers — you’re in for a treat!

We’re going to be sharing approved WhatsApp templates that you can use in your communications with your customers. These templates will enable you to keep with your customers at each stage in their journey with you!

That’s right — we’re sharing templates you can use right from when they’ve visited your online store until their order has been completed 🥳

Let’s buckle down!

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Customers dropping off at the check-out page without completing a purchase? This can be nerve-wracking. But not all is lost! This template will help you send a message to your potential customers that reached the check-out page but didn’t complete the purchase. With an open rate of 99%, it’s extremely likely that your customers will acknowledge a message on WhatsApp rather than an email — which has an open rate of 15–20%.

Here’s the template you can use to recover an abandoned cart:

2. Order Confirmation

Cast your safety net! Sending an order confirmation fulfills a psychological need for your customers. Sending them a WhatsApp message will assure them that you’re going to deliver on your promise by letting them know that you’re processing their order as soon as you can for timely delivery!

Here’s the template you can use for order confirmation:

3. Shipping Update

With a shipping update, you can keep your customers in the loop about when they can expect to receive their order. From when it’s dispatched, shipped, and out for delivery — it’s always nice to keep your customers informed about their order. You can even go the extra mile to ask your customers how they would like their order to be delivered — left at the doorstep or have the delivery agent call them.

Here’s are 2 templates you can use for shipping updates:

Template 1 for dispatching and shipping:

Template 2 for Delivery:

4. Order Delivered

The next message you should be sending is a message to let your customers know that their order has been delivered. This is particularly important if they have chosen to have their order left at their doorstep or with their watchman!

Here’s a template you can use to let your customers know that their order has been delivered:

5. Feedback

It’s very important for you to gather feedback and reviews from your customers as it will help you to serve them better. Sending a follow-up WhatsApp message after the order has been delivered is a great way to receive feedback because by now, you have had plentiful interactions with your customers and hence increased the presence of your brand.

Here’s a template you can use for feedback:

6. Payment Related Issues

This template can be used in case there were any payment-related issues with your customers’ orders. Since WhatsApp has a read rate of 80+%, it’s extremely likely for your customers to acknowledge your message and complete a successful payment.

Here’s a template you can use for payment related issues:

To sum it up — if you are an E-Commerce business, it is crucial that you get access to WhatsApp API because of how convenient it is to engage with your customers. Switching to WhatsApp for most of your conversations with your customers would mean no more on-hold customer support calls or support emails getting lost in inboxes, never to see the light of day!

If you’re looking to speed up your ticket resolution time, enhance customer experience, and improve engagement — then interakt is your solution! Sign-up today for our 14-day free trial to experience the game-changing features for yourself. That’s not all — get on board with us before June 30th, 2021 to get WhatsApp Notification charges waived off for 3 months under our new Accelerate Scheme.

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