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Cognitive Conversations Leads The Latest Innovations In AI

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Cognitive Conversational AI

Machines started to respond to humans based on the intents we humans provide.

It is here AI in business began for conversation purposes.

But the problem is AI will respond to the trained intent or utterances.

It has become a bottleneck for the enterprise in handling natural language used by the customers.

To solve this, AI companies started developing Cognitive AI technologies that have given birth to cognitive conversations.

And Cognitive Artificial intelligence is one of the latest innovations made by AI.

Every innovation motive is to build solutions that solve business problems.

AI professional experts also predict that in the coming next five to ten years.

The machine conversation capability will progress extensively that will lead to a flock of life-changing artificial intelligence applications.

We are entirely moving to the era of Conversational AI systems. It is a combination of NLP, AI, and machine learning to understand and respond to voice/text in a personalized and engaging manner.

And all enterprises will shift from scripted conversations to cognitive conversations very soon.

In this blog, we let you be acquainted with how cognitive conversations are leading the latest innovations in AI.

Before that, you must understand the differences between cognitive conversations and scripted conversations.

Cognitive conversations vs Scripted conversations

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Let’s look out how cognitive conversation platforms lead to the latest innovations in AI.

Cognitive Assistant is the latest technical innovation developed using the latest innovations of AI or Conversational AI.

These assistants can be used for various purposes, such as workplace and customer care.

The assistants help contact centers improve customer experience, customer engagement, and new revenue systems by minimizing agents’ response time by offering self-service for mundane tasks.

We at Nuacem develop top-end cognitive assistants or best AI chatbots that work very well with text/voice. Soon, we are launching intelligent video assistants to help our clients be ahead of their competitors.

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Every enterprise or business is planning to localize its business to reach the maximum number of customers.

Most of the Chatbots’ problem is they support limited and popular languages used across the globe.

But, we at Nuacem offer multilingual cognitive ai technologies bots that support 55+ languages.

With these multilingual digital intelligent agents, humans can converse in their natural language and quickly solve their issues.

It is a combination of Machine Intelligence and human cognitive abilities.

Augmented Intelligence is another latest advancement that came from the branch of Artificial Intelligence.

Augmented Intelligence is the technology that helps to enhance human capacity rather than replacing them. It follows five a five function intonation that enables it to become skilled at human Intelligence.

Augmented Intelligence helps enterprises to make optimal decision from available solutions that automatically improve employee productivity and decrease operational costs for an organization.

We live in the digital world, where most users spend most of their time on mobile phones.

And currently, customers are more interested in online shopping rather than visiting physical stores.

The retail companies are planning to shift to the omnichannel approach from a multi-channel approach to improve their sales.

Omni-channel approach helps in making cognitive conversations with the customers to provide a seamless customer experience through various channels such as desktop, mobile, messaging apps, and many more.

This conversational commerce provides a guiding experience for valuable customers to purchase services and goods through their chosen channels.

At Nuacem, we offer a top-notch Omni-channel platform using Conversational AI to improve retail enterprises’ sales and revenue.

Traditional product/service contact centers are facing troubles inadequately analyzing the customer emotions and sentiments (Positive, Neutral, and Negative) on services/products from the text.

It is where conversational/cognitive sentiment analysis comes into existence as an advancement in Artificial Intelligence.

Sentiment analysis uses NLP, text analysis, and computational linguistics to identify, extract, and study affective states, emotions, and personal information.

Sentiment analysis is used for the proper routing of customer calls to authorized departments. It examines cognitive conversations between humans and enterprises and suggests the firms where to improve and where to not.

At Nuacem, our sentiment analysis platform will also examine the voice sentiment along with the text, but other conversational AI providers only provide text sentiment analysis.

Apart from text and voice sentiment analysis, soon, we are coming with more updates.

To avail of all the above cognitive conversational solutions, please contact us.

More advanced and exciting tech solutions are on their way using the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, which we will bring you to the market very soon.

Stay tuned to us! For more exciting and interesting things about Automation, the future of AI, Conversational AI, and Pragmatic AI.

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