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Trends You May Have Missed in Node.js Development

Node.js has become famous in the past few years. It is used in many server programming projects. So now the query is what is Node.js? It is a JavaScript runtime for executing JavaScript code. It is written in C++ and can run JavaScript code on the server. The js extension in Node is JavaScript, so Javascript is on the backend server. If you are also looking for Node.js web development services, then you are in the right place.

Factors for Adopting Node

  1. Wrapper around V8 (execute JavaScript)
  2. It has built-in modules (HTTP, crypto, zip, fs)
  3. No threads
  4. C++ addons
  5. Debugger and other utilities
  6. Node Package Manager

With this, let’s explore Node.js development trends which will make Node.js a friendly technology.

Development Trends of Node.js

1. Architecture 

A JavaScript runtime error is famous for supporting serverless architecture. I will assist a developer to make their application. It can be done without server maintenance. It means you can lessen the dependency on servers and on hardware. The particular framework has more than one advantage. Thus, the benefits are reusable code modules, maximum flexibility, best code quality, low project cost. 

2. Microservices

Node.js development proffers the correct support with its Application Programming Interface development. Most importantly, it becomes easier to handle projects for a big size. The good thing is that the developers can modify the codes anytime they feel like.  

3. Cloud Computing 

These days every business is moving to Cloud for the best performance and cost-efficiency. Furthermore, a JavaScript runtime supports cloud computing solutions via delivering a simple-to-integrate feature for making applications related to cloud-based. 

4. Real-Time Applications

Many people are using real-time applications in their daily lives. People are using the applications for transportation, online tutorials, and online collaboration apps. Apart from this, frameworks such as Node.js are the perfect solution for developers. This is because it offers excellent support for the Web Sockets protocol. 

5. GraphQL Deployment

According to the research, it is still growing and said to be a well-liked feature among the developers.  It has gained good popularity in 2019. Furthermore, it helps in easing the app workflow on different platforms like iOS & Android, Windows. 

6. IoT

The maximum number of IoT applications use Nodejs because it gives real-time execution and quicker results. It takes small memory and supports fewer resource requirements on the server-side. The rich feature runtime environment permits developers to deploy data-oriented abilities. 

Reasons to Select Node.JS

  1. Node.js will work in tandem with technologies such as Angular JS and React JS. 
  2. A JavaScript runtime is versatile and will excellently work with in-demand frameworks like Connect, Socket.io, Connect for quicker development of apps. 
  3. It has a rich ecosystem with millions of open-source libraries.
  4. It is built on the Google V8 JavaScript engine. Apart from this, Node.js is actually fast and easily accessible for web developers. 
  5. The good thing is that all JavaScript-based tools can easily run on Node.js.

Things That Can be Done with NodeJS

  1. If you are thinking of expanding your website capabilities, you can build the custom via the experience of the professionals. 
  2. In case you are in search of a real-time chat apps developer, the skilled developer can build real-time traffic chat apps.  

Here is the list of a few queries which is generally asked by the users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Node JS still popular in the market? 

Answer: Yes, it is still trending with 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies using it maximum. Apart from this, it has also won one of the likable framework titles from the developers. 

Question: Why is it so popular among developers?

Answer: The main reason for Node.js’s popularity is that it permits using the same programming language for frontend as well as backend development. This will definitely assist in reducing the development costs.

Question: Is Node Js front or back end?

Answer: It is said to be the backend scripting language. The JavaScript can be used with frontend frameworks and Angular. 

QuestionDefine NPM in Node JS

Answer: It is Node Package Manager and it is an online repository for Node JS projects. Apart from this, NPM is also used for dependency management, package installation, and version management. 

Benefits of NodeJS

1. Easy to Grasp

Coding in Node is simple and easy to understand. Once you have learned JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming basics, it’s good to go. 

2. Keeps Things Simple

The application written in Node.js needs lesser codes and files. Along with this, you can easily reuse and share the code between the back-end and front-end parts of your app. This will help in speeding up the development process. 

3. Scalability of Node.js 

The developers of Node.js find it easy to scale the apps in vertical as well as horizontal directions. Furthermore, it is quite scalable and offers a better option. 

4. High Performance 

With this, it’s easier and quicker code implementation in an effective way. Besides, the speed of the code execution gets enhanced by the runtime environment. 

5. Opportunity to Develop Apps

Node.js gives freedom to the developers to develop software as well as apps. The developer has the freedom to begin developing the apps from scratch. 

6. Extensible 

It is said to be highly extensible. This means that you can customize and increase Node.js as per the need. 

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