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3 Absolutely Essential Ways to Make Your ChatBot Memorable | by Ken Marshall | May, 2021

Ken Marshall

People want to become the best version of themselves — so as to say, they seek validation and the strength to break down barriers that hold them back from the life they want. By helping to bridge that gap, you’re empowering others to walk their own path while allowing your brand to
stride alongside them.

The most important ways to make your chatbot memorable rely on the programmers’ ability to
ensure the right responses come at just the right time.

1. Write To Their Future Self
You have the power to awaken people to channel their ideal self through speech. Chatbots, when properly developed, can work to draw your customers into a state of activity. They’re not just consuming content anymore — they’re actively seeking something, something that you’ve
instilled with value. That something might be a solution, or it may be an optimization, but how they view it starts with you.

If you can help them see how your offerings fit into their ideal life, it will be far easier to connect with them and sway their hearts.

Speak Like They Are Already There
In seeking to speak with their future self, an excellent way to start is simply addressing them as though they’ve already found some footing in the life they want to lead. By directing their focus to their future self, you’re helping them find the path to where they want to be. You’re effectively helping welcome them into their ideal tomorrow, today.

Guide Them To Their Future Self
Though you may speak to their future self, you still must guide them into that tomorrow. Freelancers, for example, would benefit from an educational conversation with a chatbot. Perhaps it could hold a short discussion regarding the niche(s) they are considering during a

2. Build The Bot With Your Brand Voice

When you’re seeking to influence others, you must ensure that your chatbot mirrors the voice of your brand seamlessly. If the bot is off-beat, people will sense that disparity. When people sense disparities, their subconscious begins searching for others with greater prejudice. Seeking out reliable web design services is the first step to ensure your site mirrors your brand.

Once your site has been aligned, you can start to pull key phrases and important sentiments from your site content. Using specific phrases and sentiments is a simple but effective way to ensure you’re speaking the same language across all of your brand assets.

Be Genuine, Every Time

If your brand doesn’t match your voice, that little voice in your users’ ears will tip them off. Further, it will search for any other discrepancies with added fervor. Fortunately, you have a lot of options when you’re building the chatbot for an established business. On the other hand, the chatbot can play a major role in forming the brand for younger companies.


Bridge Your Brand With Their Life
Don’t be afraid to step into the thick of things and really work to help your customers. Service is one of the terms that gets tossed around, but it develops a unique meaning with each company. You can bridge into others’ lives in countless ways, but some companies do it better than others.

eBay, among others, has stood out since COVID shut a notable part of the world down.

Sometimes you have to slow your selling pressure and reinvest in the community that is — or will be — supporting your own business model. Chatbots can be a wonderful way to achieve this, even if it’s something as simple as asking a user about their day and well-being.

3. Tell A Story That Delivers Value
As your users incorporate your brand into their lives, they’re going to attach to your brand for one reason or another — based specifically on which problem you solve or benefit you provide. Ensure your brand story, as told by the chatbot, aligns with your real offerings in order to ensure your story retains value for users. If the story differs notably from your real offerings, users will
encounter notable frustration when they buy-in and realize they didn’t get what they wanted.

Solve One Problem, Really Effectively

Some businesses are able to solve several issues at once, though most businesses that do so are pre-established and already have a well-built brand to lean on and support the cash flow needed to develop additional solutions. Smaller businesses generally see the most success in
solving a single issue very effectively.

By keying in on one specific point, your business will be able to develop a far more comprehensive solution than a generalist company who sorta-but-not really serves the need. In fact, finding online communities that are experiencing frustration like that can provide great information about new and emerging market opportunities.

Don’t Hesitate To Really Connect
In an age where computer screens have replaced virtually all forms of interpersonal socialization, connecting with users is now among the top focal points for brands. It makes sense because many people are living much of their life from behind a screen. ZoomsGiving, ZoomsMas, and Zoomintines Day replaced the holidays, underpinning much of the modern retail cycle.

Online retailers were able to swoop in and capture a massive amount of commerce while also helping limit the number of people in physical stores, and therefore help to stop the spread of COVID.

In order to make your chatbot unforgettable, you must accomplish three things. You need to speak to your users’ future selves, help them find their path into that ideal tomorrow, and solve one specific problem that is keeping them away from that tomorrow. In doing these things, you’re building a lifelong loyal customer.

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