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Twitter Spaces Hosts Can Charge Admission & More Digital Marketing News

This week on Marketing O’Clock, hosts Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld dig into the digital marketing news you may have missed this week – from the latest Microsoft Advertising updates to lead generation forms on TikTok.

Plus, improvements are coming to Twitter Spaces and we have plenty of personal space as we record remotely.

Catch the episode on YouTube or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Updates to Twitter Spaces

In a Twitter thread on May 3rd, Twitter announced new features coming to Twitter Spaces. Hosts will soon be able to charge admission for Spaces as well as limit the number of attendees, schedule them in advance, and more.

Any Twitter account with 600 or more followers has the ability to host a space.


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Changes Coming to Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising continues to offer new features for advertisers.

This week, it was announced that Customer Match targeting is now available in most markets. Multi-image extensions and promotion extensions are coming to new markets for use in shopping campaigns.

In addition to the new features, Microsoft announced that they will be phasing out the broad match modified match type and making changes to phrase match to incorporate some of the matching behaviors of broad match modified keywords.

The change will start rolling out in most accounts this month and mimics the changes Google Ads announced for broad match modified and phrase match keywords.


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Finally, Microsoft announced that a new two-line ad format is being tested in desktop search results, only displaying the advertisers’ headline and URL to searchers.

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Lead Generation Ads Come to TikTok

Just like you’re used to seeing elsewhere, TikTok’s lead generation ads have a CTA button that opens an in-platform form which users can fill out right from the app. Basic information that users have already shared with TikTok can auto-fill.

Businesses can customize the questions and load in a custom background and profile image for the form. Lead data can be downloaded or sent directly to a CRM.


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Take of the Week

Jeff Ferguson dives deep into those zero-click search studies to explain why the math doesn’t quite add up.

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Blake Emal has 17 tips to optimize your landing pages for conversions.

Lightning Round

We’ll answer your burning digital marketing questions:

  • Who might soon finally be able to join Clubhouse?
  • What new campaign recommendations are available in Google Ads Editor?
  • When is the Adwords API finally being phased out?
  • Where could you see ads that link back to a Businesses WhatsApp profile?
  • Why are other creators allowed to sample your YouTube content?
  • How is Facebook encouraging users to keep their data tracking turned on?


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