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Library Telegram Bot. Here we will create a telegram bot… | by Denis Tsitko | May, 2021

As we have a project we need a library (books sorted by genre). For this bot I will use a very small library like that:

Project and library structure

And we also need a function which will get one of those book so we could send it to user. Here is that function code (you should put it into bots directory to the file book_funcs.py):

1. Chatbot Trends Report 2021

2. 4 DO’s and 3 DON’Ts for Training a Chatbot NLP Model

3. Concierge Bot: Handle Multiple Chatbots from One Chat Screen

4. An expert system: Conversational AI Vs Chatbots

And the only thing left is todraw a bot structure:

bot structure in drawio

You need to change bot_token to your bots token and if you are using your own function, you need to change _functions_book_funcs::find_book(genre) to your own function.

Credit: Source link

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