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Support Telegram Bot For Github Project | by Denis Tsitko | Apr, 2021

To search in Readme.md we will use a function from draw your bot standardfucs (https://github.com/Tsitko/drawyourbot#search_md). But you can use your own function (just code that function, add and add a .py file with that function to ‘bots’ folder).

And as we have a draw your bot project and a function to search in md file, we only need to draw our bot structure in draw.io:

drawio source: https://github.com/Tsitko/drawyourbot/blob/main/examples/support_md.drawio

You need to change bot_token to your bots token and if you are using your own function, you need to change _functions_standardfuncs::search_md(query, “https://github.com/Tsitko/drawyourbot/blob/main/README.md”) to your own function.

If you are ok to use the standard search_md function, you just need to change https://github.com/Tsitko/drawyourbot/blob/main/README.md to the link to your projects md.

So the bot will just ask the user what he/she is looking for and will get the user’s answer. After that it will find a link to the part of your Readme.md which is the most relevant to the user (if it will not find such a part it will return a link to Readme.md start line). And in the end it will ask the user to push /start command if he wants to search again. The /start command is to start from the first message (what are you looking for?).

1. Chatbot Trends Report 2021

2. 4 DO’s and 3 DON’Ts for Training a Chatbot NLP Model

3. Concierge Bot: Handle Multiple Chatbots from One Chat Screen

4. An expert system: Conversational AI Vs Chatbots

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