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What Are Micro-apps and Why Businesses Need Them?

The idea behind building a mobile app has been to offer a faster, easier, and innovative experience on various devices to users, doing away with their need to browse websites. However, in a bid to stay relevant to consumers amidst competition, companies try to bundle up a million features together rather than offer a full-proof and specific solution for a certain user need. Being overwhelmed with numerous unnecessary features and functionalities, an app poses various inhibitions to a great user experience. In this blog, we will take a look at how a micro-app can help enterprises solve this issue.

What is a Micro-App?

It is a web/mobile-based, a customized app built to enable end-users to perform a certain, narrowed-down function. Unlike a conventional mobile app, which is bundled with multiple features and pages, the micro-app is smaller in size, more consumer-oriented, and built to offer certain functionality, has an easy user interface, with a dynamic loading that bypasses the app store. For instance, a Personal Banking app has several functions, such as viewing the balance, getting mini statements, changing the ATM password, money transfers, etc. However, if you build a micro-app for this, it will accomplish only that specific task, such as getting transaction history. 

3 Key Advantages of Micro Apps

1. Highly Personalized

As Micro apps are customized and, they enable users to use a specific functionality without amalgamating a sea of confusing features. These mobile apps provide users with a smooth and minimal version of the app that they can access to accomplish a specific task. In these apps, images, as well as the markup, are built for a specific user need.

2. No App Store Optimization Needed

Developed with HTML, micro apps usually skip app stores and exist dynamically within existing sets of apps and tools in a device. Mobile app developers can seamlessly embed them inside a full-fledged app on web/mobile or access them as a module within an existing app. This saves a ton of time, money, and labor.

3. Device Agnostic

One primary advantage of micro apps is that they can run smoothly within all devices, no matter if it is web or mobile. There is also a minimal need for a separate app for every platform as one app works on all devices. Users can access these apps via a browser, email, or push notification.


Micro apps have recently, rightly gained traction due to their delivering a riveting, narrowed-down CX. They also help businesses localize faults and grey areas in their businesses by treating each service as an independent app on its own. Get in touch with top app development companies who can help you segregate your heavy-duty apps into small manageable apps.

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