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May 24-28, 2021 – WordPress Tavern

WordSesh 2021, a free virtual event targeted at WordPress professionals, is less than one week away. Sessions will be broadcast May 24-28, followed by hands-on workshops May 27 – June 4. The event is hosted by Brian Richards, creator of the WordPress video training website WPSessions. It features an impressive lineup of curated speakers whose presentations will be recorded and published to WPSessions after the live event has ended.

WordSesh’s creators pioneered virtual events years ago, when nearly every WordPress conference was still a live, in-person event. Last year WordSesh was broken up into three regional events, but this year it has transitioned back into one global conference that will run at all hours over several time zones. Over the years its production and quality have become more refined. Speakers are compensated for their time and have personal coaching available to them. This year’s event will feature a combination of pre-recorded and live content, accompanied by live captioning.

Richardson has sought out experts in each of the topics on the schedule. The standard sessions will run for 20 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of live Q&A. Presenters will be covering block development, headless WordPress, security, accessibility, client services, and other topics of interest to WordPress professionals.

Workshops will begin May 27 and will offer hands-on practice, activities, discussion, and the creation of a finished product. This year’s lineup includes six, 3-hour workshops, held over the span of several days:

  • Let’s Hack! (Stephen Rees-Carter)
  • Speed Up Your WordPress Site with These 3 Advanced Techniques
    (Luke Cavanagh and Mendel KurlandMendel Kurland)
  • Build your own Block Based Theme (Daisy Olsen)
  • Building Accessible Navigation (Natalie MacLees)
  • My First Headless WordPress Site (Kellen Mace and Jason Bahl)
  • Nail Your Client Onboarding Process (Jennifer Bourn)

If you have been wanting to learn how to create your own block-based themes or headless WordPress sites, or improve your processes on any of the above topics, these free workshops will be a valuable investment of your time.

Richardson anticipates WordSesh attendance to be 1,500-3,500 people. Attendees will receive a digital swag bag with special discounts from multiple companies in the WordPress space. Registration is free and after signing up attendees will get an email reminder with the viewing link one hour before each day of the event.

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