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Imagine having an important online meeting ahead, and the internet isn’t working. As you call customer support, the voice that picks up the phone introduces itself as a robotic assistant.

You might get hesitant if your issue can be solved anytime soon. The robot, however, quickly understands your problem and provides clear instructions on how to restart the router. No repetition and unnecessary questions are needed. Everything works just fine in a few minutes. This is exactly how the call centres and technical helpdesks might look soon.

Communication evolves constantly, and voice bots are the next step forward (source: unsplash.com)

The digital voice assistant takes the communication with customer centres to the next level. Voice bots never sleep, and they can solve different routine problems at any time. Additionally, they have essentially unlimited call capacity. These advantages significantly help to reduce waiting times during, for example, mass outages, when many people suddenly need the help of a helpdesk. Besides, compared to an interactive voice response (IVR) system, that people often mistake for digital assistants, communication with a voice bot equipped with humanlike manners is much more enjoyable.

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Furthermore, digital assistants easily recognize when they reach the conversation dead end. Instead of bombarding you with more unnecessary questions, they connect you to an available and qualified human operator.

Digital voice assistants shape the new face of call centres (source: unsplash.com)

There are even more advantages to digital voice assistants. One of them is undoubtedly security. If someone calls bank support and requests a forgotten credit card code, the human operator does not have the authority to look for it for obvious reasons. These restrictions do not apply to artificial intelligence since it will not reveal the card code to anyone but your authenticated self. Similarly, it is beneficial to use a voice bot while addressing topics such as health conditions. The digital assistant is discrete and will never make fun of your medical conditions in front of his colleagues.

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