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How To Make an E-Learning App for Android and iOS


Here we are going to talk about how to make an e-learning app for Android and iOS but before this, it is very important to know why e-learning mobile apps are necessary and how they’re so popular in 2021. 

As we all know that because of COVID-19, the education system faced several challenges. During these times, the EdTech system came to the rescue of the education sector shutdown. EdTech has made education more accessible and transformed the way students are educated. As the world is going online, online learning portals are a great option to keep students informed and productive.   

According to an e-learning journal, the global eLearning market is forecasted to reach USD 275.10 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period. Moreover, 49% of the global students have taken an online course in the past year, and because of this increasing percentage, E-Learning mobile apps are getting popular rapidly.

Rosetta Stone is one of the best examples of e-learning because they have found that offering a plethora of online courses provides more practical knowledge to the users and develops skills more effectively than traditional learning methods. They also prove that knowledge is not limited to books only. An amalgamation of technology and classroom education has brought a huge revolution globally.

E-Learning App’s Benefits 

  1. Productive Learning With Easy Accessibility
  2. Effective and Flexible Learning Methods
  3. Learning Material Available 24*7 Across the Globe
  4. Highly Efficient Teaching
  5. Cost-Effective Learning Experience 

Now you know why e-learning mobile apps are necessary and how these portals got a boom in the market after Covid-19. You can also make money by having your online learning portals. So, now let’s find out how to make an e-learning app for Android and iOS.

Steps to Develop an E-learning App For Android and iOS

Choose Your Niche 

For creating an e-learning mobile app, it is important to choose your niche first. Target a specific group of people. Let’s say you want to develop an e-learning application for high school students. So, now according to the perception of high school users, you can use gamified education services. It is also a great idea to develop an AI chatbot; by using technologies such as this, you can create an eLearning software product that would feature various courses in multiple subjects, which would help your users learn languages or solve math problems.     

Develop The Idea

The next step is to start thinking and understanding what your product should be and how it should appear in front of users. Should it be an individual e-learning app for iPhone and Android or one of the tools of an educational institution? 

For example, if you develop an online learning platform, you will be restricted by the standards and requirements of the target demographics and the educational curriculum. But, if you develop a gamified application for children to learn math, you will have to make your app fun to interact with. Maybe by incorporating simple sum games or anything such. So, it is crucial to know whether your target audience will be global or limited to some geographical place. 

Find Right Development Team

Now, after developing the idea, depending on what your product should be, how it should appear in front of users, what your time and budget limits for developing e-learning apps for android are, what special features need to be integrated within an app. You need to choose a team of specialists from the right e-learning app development company that will assist you with app development.

Conduct a Discovery Stage

After deciding what your app should look like and whom you will work with, conduct thorough research to evaluate the existing software, competitors, and eLearning resources to understand your user needs better.

Why conduct a discovery stage after finding the right development team?

Because after doing research, you will be able to re-examine and understand whether the niche is overcrowded or vacant, whether the features you are integrating are enough or, there are some other features you would want to implement, what makes a successful e-learning app in your particular area, or which mistakes to avoid before starting development. And the professional team you have hired can see some opportunities or potential issues that you couldn’t.

Hand In Your Idea To the Developers

After formulating the final idea, it is time to hand over your idea to your team of professionals, who will develop, design, deploy and support your app. You can find the list of top education app development companies on Clutch.co.

  • The first and foremost step is to create a prototype and then a minimum viable product to make sure that your idea will work as planned. 
  • After that, the UI/UX requirements and technical specifications are finalized, the development starts. 
  • Throughout the development process, your app should be continuously tested by QA (Quality Assurance) specialists to ensure no bugs. 
  • After the testing process, when your application is perfect, it can be deployed to the Apple and Google Play Store. 
  • Last but not least, Maintenance and support are equally important, as your users may also express their will to see some additional features. It may require some updates, or some unpredictable mistakes may occur. So, for resolving those mistakes, continuous maintenance is essential.

Education apps indeed have taken the entire education industry by storm. The e-learning applications for android have already become one of the best friends of both students and teachers. Nowadays, more students and tutors are getting attached to such apps presenting a bright future for the education world and the app development industry.

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