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Creating a Web IDE in a Weekend

If I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me to create a Web IDE, I could buy myself at least 3 cappuccinos – Hence, obviously this is something people are interested in. So why not burn a weekend actually doing it I thought to myself. And the results can be found below.

Notice, I won’t be challenging Visual Studio or Rider IDE for a “feature battle” anytime soon, but then again neither can you run their stuff on your phone – Which you can with my stuff 😉

Now for the record, my motives was that I was tired of Visual Studio (Code) not having Hyperlambda support, and I realised that it would probably be faster for me to implement my own IDE, then to create syntax highlighting and code completion in the above. Below is a screenshot of the thing.

If you’ve got suggestions for must have features, please drop me a comment, and I’ll write it up on my todo list for next weekend ^_^

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