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Best 6 Chatbot Maker Platform to Build Your Chatbot | by BotPenguin | May, 2021


An automated response machine is not just an imagination, or things only can be seen in science fiction movies. With so much advancement in artificial intelligence, automation has seen a hike in the past decade.

Chatbots are examples of how powerful ai has become in personal as well as professional space. More and more brands and businesses are taking advantage of using a chatbot to use its potential working for them on autopilot. To put it in numbers, there are over 30,000 on Facebook.

Businesses learning about chatbots and their potential to benefit their business, the chatbot building market is also expanding. For a business or brand, it has provided options, but the confusion of having too many options is also frustrating. So here we bring you 6 chatbot platforms to ease up and help you in the process of choosing the best option for you.

1. Hubspot Chatbot Builder

One of the biggest names in the digital marketing space “HubSpot” offers chatbot services as well. After acquiring motion AI in 2017, HubSpot provides chatbot builder services that a person can use for free without skill or knowledge of coding. HubSpot chatbot feature is integrated with its marketing tools. These tools include forms, analytics, popup, and email integration of your site.

HubSpot has a free plan for its chatbot builder, but HubSpot also provides paid options with extra features. But the problem with HubSpot is that it provides too many options in its plans that go from $45 to $4000 per month with a choice of a custom bundle if someone wants more than that.

2. Intercom

Intercom describes itself as a Conversational Relationship Platform that allows you to create better customer relationships. Intercom is a powerful chatbot platform whose responses are based on user behavior and artificial intelligence. Intercom’s chatbot uses visitor browsing information data and automated tasks to provide more personalized interaction with their chatbot.

The downside of intercom is that it doesn’t allow its visitors to explore its features or anything at all about it unless they have an account or create one. Even pricing information is not available on their website upfront. You can talk with the chatbot for your queries, but it can be confusing at first, and compared to other platforms in this list, the intercom is most confusing for a new user to even navigate in their website.

3. Drift

Drift is a chatbot builder primarily focused on B2B companies, and they call themselves the “The Drift Revenue Acceleration Platform.” It has built its name in the B2B sector as its preferable chatbot platform. Because it provides elements like

  • Capture email
  • Get the phone number of the user
  • Lookup articles in your helpdesk
  • Automatically create tickets
  • Route conversations to live chat
  • Automatically send emails to the user (if you have their email)
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Or go to a different node in your Drift playbook

All these elements come in handy for a person working in the B2B sector. And its most highlighted feature is “scheduled meeting,” which automatically shows available dates for an interaction between two people. Drift also has its downs, like drift users often suffer from delays in messages, and Drift is also found unable to provide a rich media conversation between two people with photos, videos, attachments, etc.

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4. ManyChat

Manychat is considered the best option for social media messenger chatbots, such as Facebook Messenger. Most of the chatbot platform allows automated responses when a user enters the query. Still, the great thing about manychat is that it also allows sending automated messages which helps growth in the audience for the business in sales and marketing.

Manychat allows a free option that only allows a user to use on Facebook Messenger. But its paid plans go from $10 per month to custom orders.

5. LiveChat

Live chat is an AI-based response chatbot building platform. As it goes by its name, live chat allows its users to use chatbots with automated responses side by side with live chat. In other words, live chat allows its users to use live chat and chatbot together to provide a balanced experience of AI and human touch.

Live chat has proved itself to be capable of providing an excellent experience for customization analysis and administration functions. Live chat is mainly preferred for websites. Live chat pricing goes from $16 per month to $50 per month. Livechat also provides a custom order option, but it doesn’t have a free plan.

6. Tidio

Tidio is a chatbot platform that is a well-known option to embed in a website. Even if its expertise lies in websites, it could be a great option to be considered to be used in social media platforms like Facebook Messenger. Tidio provides a step-by-step setup for its first-time user to make the experience smooth and informative. The interface provided by Tidio is clean and minimalist, and Tidio chatbot builder uses a flow-based building of the chatbot.

However, it also comes with its drawbacks. Tidio lacks the features of audio-video attachments and data validation. Tidio provides its plans from a free option to $18 per month for several plans that could be converted into $180 in annual plan plus two months free.

Here is a comparison between Chatbot Platforms.


There are many options for a chatbot builder, and we hope that you know which is the best option for you. With the help of the above table, you might have a real representation of all the features that are available in all the best options available. Please let us know your thoughts on this, and best of luck with your exploration of your best option.

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