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Google Marketing Live Announcements & More Digital Marketing News

This week on Marketing O’Clock, hosts Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are bringing you the news you need to know from Google Marketing Live 2021, without the fluff that No One asked for.

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Google Marketing Live

At Google’s annual event, it was announced that image extensions are now out of beta and available globally in Google Ads. Plus, Target ROAS bidding is now available for Discovery and Video Action Campaigns and Performance Max campaigns are expanding.


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June 2021 Core Update

Google announced and released their latest broad core update, the June 2021 Core Update, on June second. They also announced an upcoming core update that will roll out in July.

Microsoft Unified Campaigns

Microsoft Advertising’s Unified Campaigns will act as a hub for multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. Campaigns will rely heavily on automation and will run on various networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.


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Take of the week

With all of the fire tweets about Google Marketing Live, it was hard to pick one winner. But we love Mark Irvine Unconditionally for this Hot & Cold take that had us Roaring with laughter.


Amalia Fowler is spilling her secrets to the perfect PPC audit.

Lightning Round

We’re answering your burning digital marketing questions.

  • Who is answering marketers’ questions about Google Marketing Live?
  • What new local ad formats are coming to Google Ads?
  • When are Gmail campaigns becoming read-only?
  • Where can you now target users who are similar to your remarketing lists?
  • Why is transparency so important in Google News rankings?
  • How many SEO recommendations actually get implemented?

If you’re looking for more information on our show, head over to the Marketing O’Clock site. Be sure to subscribe and join us on Discord!


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