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How AI analytics will disrupt Business Process Management and Business Automation. | by Botspice | Jun, 2021

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline that helps organizations mobilize resources, automate mundane manual tasks, measure and improve business automation processes and enable self-service through business intelligence. Traditionally the concept of BPM has centered around the priority of cost-cutting and process atomization alone. However, digital transformation in this modern world has revolutionized and the focus has now shifted towards improving customer service.

Today, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent, businesses are considering whether making AI Chatbots a part of BPM tools will allow companies to optimize work and cut human errors out of processes while improving service to customers.

Based on a report from the research firm Forrester’s, Rob Koplowitz mentions,

Business process management (BPM) is in the throes of an extreme makeover and here are the areas where BPM will evolve.

· AI analytics will optimize processes

With the emergence of AI, access to analytics has taken process management to the next level. Organizations now have access to not just data but actionable guidance and breakdown of analysis allowing them to re-engineer processes and optimize resources. Businesses can benefit from the use of such predictive analyses to determine their plan of action.

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· Organize unstructured data

Business Process Management excels at the more structured aspects, supporting linear flow, predictable events, gateways to make decisions and validation to apply structure to data. However, unstructured data are often unpredicted and neglected. Artificial Intelligence technologies use NLP (Natural Language Processing) that bridges the gap by providing opinion analysis thus helping organizations refine and organize some of their unstructured data.

· CX improvement opportunities

There was a time when the primary focus for the adoption of AI in BPM was the cost. But now the focus has shifted towards improving the customer experience. The merge of AI and BPM will surely develop a new scope of opportunity for ongoing improvement in their interfaces which in turn will help ease the handling and processing of automated tasks.

In conclusion,

Organizations are adopting AI for their business automation processes to improve overall efficiency and quality of work overtime. The ease of implementing AI-powered chatbots into business processes has revolutionized how organizations view their process models and create an ecosystem that influences positive business outcomes in a fast-moving world.

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