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Is C# a Dying Language?


It’s hard to define what a dying technology actually is.

Is it fewer related jobs?

There are currently over 42 thousand job postings for C# in the United States on indeed.com.

Or is it because of fewer developers using it?

Well, C# falls in the top 5 popular tags in Stack Overflow with over 200 questions asked every day.

When it comes to health care and insurance, C# is widely preferred.

Also, an interesting fact that not many know is that the U.S government has a ton of dot net applications.

Unity is one of the most popular gaming engines. It uses C# for scripting.

With the recent open-source initiative within Microsoft, and the .NET Core advancements to run cross-platform, .NET Core is now the future compared to .NET. Because of .NET Core, there has been a significant reduction in web hosting costs since it can now be hosted on a Linux environment.

So all of this is a very good sign for C#.

Xamarin is one of the fast-growing mobile development frameworks that is used to develop cross-platform iOS and Android apps using C#.

Not to forget Blazor, which helps build front-end applications using C#. It is not completely up to Angular and React standards. But it’s getting closer and closer with every release.

Also, we need to keep in mind that learning any language is worth it if you plan to use it to do something.

And even if you don’t plan to use it to do something with it, just learning a bit can often expose you to new ideas, which will make you a better programmer.

Any programming language will eventually die out, but the skills you get by learning it never will.

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