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App Highlights: Dialogflow. Dialogflow is a Natural Language… | by Team Quickwork | Jun, 2021

Dialogflow is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform by Google that provides users with the service to build, and design conversational interfaces; that can be integrated into applications, websites, and chatbots with ease. Dialogflow can analyze multiple inputs of media like audio, text, and video. It also has the capability of replying in these multiple formats.

  • Powered by Google’s machine learning: App developers are given the platform with which they can train their agents to gain a better understanding of conversing with people. The app extracts relevant information and provides it to AI for better understanding.
  • Pre-built templates: Dialogflow comes with more than 30 pre-built templates that act as a foundation for developers.
  • Can express itself through natural conversation: Chatbots created with the aid of Dialogflow can have the ability to speak to people using natural language. This means it can understand abbreviations, and converse with people in an informal tone ensuring that it doesn’t sound too robotic.

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  • Wix: Build a conversational bot on your website.
  • WhatsApp: Build a shopping bot or FAQ bot on WhatsApp.
  • Intercom: Enhance live chat service on your platform.

These are just a few applications you can pair Dialogflow with, explore our Dialogflow page to know more about automating Dialogflow and get in touch with us in case you don’t find an app you’d like to pair Dialogflow with!

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