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Why Angular over Ajax? – IMC Grupo

Web development is the need of the hour and what’s more important is, choosing the right technology stack with experienced web developers. As web app development has taken a front seat for every business therefore the availability of the technologies and platforms is also in abundance. Selecting the right one has become an ordeal. The top contenders for web development today are Angular, Ajax or React. Developers choose from mainly from these three technologies.

To make your selection easier. Let us first see what angular and Ajax are:


Angular has rolled out many versions till date such as “AngularJS “, “Angular V2”, or “Angular 2” and more. It was launched in the year 2009 and is a fully-featured, open-source, JavaScript web-application framework. Angular is used for building intuitive, engaging, dynamic and single-page web apps.  Angular is widely used because of its seamless features and its support to let developers use HTML as a template language. It even allows the HTML’s syntax to express the application’s components better. Angular JS launched in 2012 by Google is based on the MVC framework. It has some extraordinary features such as:

  • Data binding to trigger automatic updates of the model view whenever the data modified and vice versa. 
  • The other major feature is the Dependency injection concept which enabled application components to be connected unitedly that facilitates testable and reusable code.       

After Angular JS, came Angular that is built with TypeScript. It is chosen for front-end development because it has many exemplary benefits that help the developers to begin with quick front end development. Here are some features:

  • The developers have directives to give HTML elements dynamic behaviour.
  • Routing can be set-up with little or no hassle. 
  • Various types of asynchronous HTTP requests can be sent out with ease.

Besides this, Angular also supports various types of testing methods such as end to end and unit testing. The best part is Angular is irrespective of all platforms such as web, mobile, and desktop native. Big tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, YouTube, PayPal, Google, etc. also use Angular.


AJAX is called so- Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. All developers know that it was developed by Microsoft outlook web applications in the year 1999. 

Ajax is a collection of various technologies like JavaScript, CSS (cascading style sheets), HTML/XHTML, DOM (document object model), XML (extensible markup language), XMLHttpRequest, and Microsoft Object. It is preferred for web development as the features and techniques help in building faster, and better websites and web applications. Here are some features of Ajax:

  • Ajax is exclusively designed to update the web content asynchronously, hence justifying the “A” of AJAX.  It simply means that the user does not have to refresh the entire while changing a particular section.
  • The XML in Ajax is a set of languages coded to comment on parts of a web document that is designed to provide the web browsers with instructions about displaying and understanding the user content.
  • AJAX only sends the important data to the server side from the client side.
  • Ajax is especially there for the developers to enhance the speed, usability and performance of a web application. 

The finest example of Ajax is the Netflix’s movie rating feature. It allows the user to rate a particular movie and update that rating without refreshing the page.

The major update in Ajax is the JavaScript object library commonly known as JQuery. JQuery is actually a wrapper around JavaScript. jQuery is free and an open-source software that is used to write client-side JavaScript effortlessly to navigate and manipulate a page. By employing web services like JSON AJAX callbacks use JSON and jQuery for design and development of web applications.

Organization using Ajax are The Guardian, Netflix, RoundCube, Google, CubeSmart, etc.

Why developers prefer Angular over Ajax?

Discussing both these web development platforms has given an understanding which one to use for your project. Although Ajax is no less in features and advantages for the developers but still Angular is the first choice. 

This is because Angular is a powerful platform since its inception. It provides developers with a robust platform to develop highly interactive architectural applications for the mobile, desktop and the web. Angular also comes with a lot of built-in modules like an Angular HTTP module, Angular router, or Angular forms which makes it ideal for both designers and developers.

Angular is more general and vast, its features are many more as compared to Ajax. AJAX is more specific and is basically a JavaScript method that helps in asynchronous communication between the database and the server.

As Angular is a method therefore it cannot provide as many features as Angular. Angular uses AJAX technology to build single-page applications but Angular offers a lot more functionalities than AJAX.


The evolution of Angular has changed the web development world as it has brought many unacceptable features with it. AJAX is not that vast. In fact Angular developers can use AJAX in angular framework itself for certain applications and this proves that why Angular is considered better over AJAX. The other important thing to note while developing a new web project is to choose a developer who knows both the technologies very well. This is because selecting one technology depends on the type of project being developed.

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