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Turn your comments into Restaurant customers with Tap The Table. | by Kelly Mirabella | Jun, 2021

Welcome to the new world of doing business. If you are a Restaurant or an agency that works with restaurants, take note…a growing majority of customers do not want to call your business but would instead message you and interact with your restaurant online. Are you ready for this cultural shift?

Over 80% of restaurants turn to technology — like online ordering, reservation and inventory apps, and restaurant analytics to help them run their business and bring more people into the restaurant. But even if you have adopted things like QR codes on your tables to access menus or online reservations through tools like Opentable, you could still be losing out on a huge opportunity.

Tap the Table is an all-in-one marketing automation platform created to help restaurants grow more profitable relationships with their customers by connecting everything you think is possible and even things you didn’t know you needed.

Not only can Tap the Table help you go touch-free in your place of business, but it can help manage your messages across Facebook, Instagram, Google, WhatsApp, Telegram, even your website. And you and your staff don’t even have to be “on” all the time to answer inquiries. In addition, it can bring in new customers and build up your returning customer base. Tap The Table can even help you take back business that comes through apps like GrubHub and Postmates. These apps love to keep customer information away from you, making it impossible to control your repeat business marketing. With Tap The Table, you can have your cake and eat it too. You will be able to use 3rd party app if you would like to tap into their extensive network and marketing reach, but harness the power of QR codes and automation to snag your customers back when they order.

Let me break down the top features that make Tap The Table unlike any marketing and automation platform out there and help you see that this is a must-have tool to run your restaurant business and turn comments, messages, and online engagement into customers!

The main feature that makes Tap The Table so powerful is it uses chat automation and ai to answer inquiries, take orders and help leads and customers get what they need. And before you try to fight me on the use of chat automation for your business, consider this:

  • There are currently more messaging app users globally than there are social media users.
  • 55% of companies that use chatbots generate more high-quality leads
  • People who use chat spend on average 60% more per transaction than ‘non-chatters.’

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That’s right, not only is the population of people who prefer chat over the phone or email dominating, but if you employ technology that compliments chat, you will make more money!

But Tap The Table is not like any other chatbot-building platform out there. Like I said before, it is built with restaurants in mind, helping to meet their specific industry needs.

Tap The Table can handle food orders for an in-store touchless experience and online ordering for carryout or pickup, depending on your business needs or wants. By using your ordering platform, you can save thousands on what you would pay 3rd party ordering apps. Studies show that 70% of consumers say they’d instead order directly from a restaurant, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant and not a third party. This makes the value of a native online ordering solution that much more important for restaurants. Tap the Table can even integrate or completely replace your POS system, complete with ticket printing!

Imagine this. Someone comes into your restaurant and scans a QR code or taps their phone on an NFC sticker, and all of a sudden, they are presented with a fully customizable experience for ordering, signing up for rewards, leaving reviews, and getting help with FAQs. And that is just for those people who step into your place of business.

With Tap The Table, you can also have a post on your Facebook page or a message on Instagram turn into a conversion engine. It is a platform that turns comments and messages into customers. See how adding a Tap The Table growth tool to a single post can generate business right away through chat automation. Leads comment on your Facebook post, and BOOM, the automation starts the magic of making you money!

Through an ad on these campaigns and it is like throwing gasoline on a flame. Watch your business blow up in all the right ways!

So do you have an automated and proven way to build reviews from people you KNOW have ordered from you recently? If not, Tap The Table can do that too.

Plus, Tap The Table can help automate your follow-up, so customers continue to come back, time and time again. Built-in email and SMS features make it so easy to manage your marketing.

You can find all this and more on this one platform. So there is no wonder why more and more businesses are turning to Tap The Table to make their restaurants thrive.

So if you are a restaurant or an agency that works with restaurants, you can’t afford to check out Tap The Table. Check out Tap The Table for yourself at https://app.tapthetable.io/

Use promo code “Kelly” to get 50% off the first 12 months. The offer ends July 30th, 2021, at midnight.

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