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Can AI be your life coach?. We all know that there is always a… | by Sameer Ranjan | Jun, 2021


We all know that there is always a perfect balance between things we know and things we don’t know. This balance is important to make perfect decisions and perfect mistakes through which we learn, “how to dwell this life!!”.

If I say, you are suffering from an issue that is hidden in your mind and even you don’t know what it is, how might have to try n different methods and then have a probability of 1/n success that you will succeed in finding your problem and then a relevant solution. And the probability of that solution being correct might be completely different. It sounds exhausting, isn’t it?

What if I tell you, there might be a solution hidden in a mathematical approach for a problem hidden deep inside your brain, causing you to act the way you are acting? Interesting right!! If we start collecting our behavior data on a 3-Dimensional plane which consists of time, event, and magnitude of the event. We will end up having a routine of events and how and why we dealt with it the way we did. And we repeat this activity over a million people out there.

Now let’s do a simple maths – 1Million (M) people, with each having at least 30 events (activities which ticked them off, made happy, sad, grumpy, angry and desperate”) and magnitude (how much and how did they resolved it). We will end up having 30M solutions and 30M possible.

I can now do a permutation of these numbers and my mind will blow away. But I will use neural nets to compute these for me and I will be set for the next challenge.

With the help of this system — whenever the next time a problem arises, type in key variables, and the AI neural net can match it over different possible combinations with an outcome of various possible solutions. Your 1/n success will be taken care of by an AI algorithm and you don’t have to find solutions because someone already did.

Isn’t the concept of AI amazing?!!

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