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How much can a single developer accomplish in a year?

One of my hobbies is to play the saxophone. I am not particularly good to be honest with you, but I practice every blue moon, and it gives me great pleasure. Every now and then I try to teach myself a new song, but for me teaching myself stuff such as St. Thomas, requires weeks of practice. If you had asked Sonny Rollins in his 50s, he’d probably tell you he simply played it out for the first time in studio as he recorded it. Simply put because he has played his saxophone since he was 10 years old, and he has practiced it 2-4 hours every day since he started playing. Hence for me what would require weeks of practice, several hours every single day, would be a “5 minute gig” for Sonny Rollins. Similarly though, if you had asked Sonny Rollins to create a web app, he’d probably require weeks before he could get “Hello World” up running – While I could wrap your entire database in 2 seconds.

“You can’t do it my a..!”

Most of my professional career I’ve heard the words; “You can’t do it” – In fact, parts of my motivation behind Magic was to simply prove these people wrong. I started out with Magic 2 years ago, and I apologise for saying this out loud myself, but if you have seen Magic, there’s no way you’d believe that I had created it mostly in my spare time in 2 years, alone – Unless you too started practicing your art when you were 8, such as me and Sonny Rollins did. Some recruiters would probably say “he’s too old, he doesn’t have anymore juice in him” – Well, I started on Magic when I was 45. Hence, “juice this you a-hole”. There is a lesson to be learned here though – Which is as follows …

I am right and you are wrong!

Seriously, there’s no joke coming – And in fact, you too should say the above out loud to yourself. If others tell you that you can’t do it; Prove them wrong! You are right, and everybody else is wrong! To illustrate that, let’s go over some of Magic’s details …

  1. It creates most of your web apps in 1 second while you click a button
  2. It contains a domain specific programming language explicitly created to facilitate for the above
  3. It is created from more than 30 plugins, loosely coupled together with zero cross component references
  4. It is a complete virtualised cloud operating system, allowing you to turn any VPS into a fully fledged cloud in seconds
  5. In fact, in many ways it runs in circles around stuff such as Azure and AWS

These are just some of its highlights. If I was to describe the entire system for you, I’d need weeks. However, and I apologise for “bragging” here, but it is important for me that you realise that the following system, was created by one single man, in his spare time, in roughly 2 years of coding

Why is that important you may ask? Because everybody told me I couldn’t do it, and the above proves once and for all, that I was right, and you were wrong! BTW, I would appreciate it if somebody could post this to /r/programming and /r/dotnet since I’ve got “an itch to scratch” with those a-holes. And as a perverted twist of irony, please realise the following …

Microsoft wouldn’t even hire me, because I was autodidact 😀

Touche! You were wrong, and I was right! 😀

Now it’s YOUR TIME to prove them wrong!

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