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5 Genius Ways eCommerce Retailers Are Using Chatbots | by Ambit | Jul, 2021


As more and more consumers shop online, businesses must find new and innovative ways to improve the buying experience for end customers.

One way to do this is with AI chatbots.

There is an overwhelming need in the eCommerce world today to automate and streamline tasks wherever and whenever possible. As customer demand increases, you want to make sure that your eCommerce business is doing everything possible to make sure that their interaction with your brand is a memorable one.

Chatbots have been heralded as one of the best digital tools for customer service support. Retailers have found that they are also useful to increase eCommerce sales, drive customer engagement, and automate large volumes of customer enquiries.

Want to know what some of the best eCommerce chatbot features in 2021 are? Here are a few of the most ingenious ways eCommerce retailers are using chatbots as part of their digital marketing strategy to scale their business.

Chatbots can hold an unlimited number of conversations at once, are available 24/7, and don’t make your customers wait on hold while they speak with other customers.

They’re are also programmed to learn from past interactions, meaning they get smarter over time, increasing their capability to further automate more complex enquiries and assist customers in making online purchases.

Easing the volume of repetitive customer service requests gives your reps the time they need to solve more complicated enquiries. Chatbots take care of the volume, so your people can focus on providing value.

Chatbots act as a digital sales assistant, answering specific questions about products and services, recommending complimentary items, and even processing orders (securely of course!). Not to mention providing other key information like shipping costs and stock availability through integrations with various eCommerce platforms and order fulfilment systems.

They also interact with your customers through the messaging platforms they prefer — Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and more, allowing retailers to streamline the buying experience across the channels their customers engage with.

Master The Art of Retail Customer Service: Enrol in our free 6-part email series to learn tips & tricks from the experts.

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By using this data, you can see things like their buying habits, geographic preferences, and what products they’ve previously viewed. This data can then be used to target customers with the right offers at the right time.

Chatbots can also divert high volumes of repetitive enquiries from contact centres by enabling customers to easily find or update account information. This includes details such as user names and passwords, delivery addresses, billing details, customer ID numbers, order tracking, and much more.

A chatbot will measure the sentiments of your customers’ feedback and respond instantly in real-time. This approach to customer feedback provides a more engaging and interactive experience compared to a typical form. Customers are more likely to respond and share feedback that provides real value to your business.

Once the survey or poll is completed, the bot can analyse the responses for positive or negative tones, and integrate the information into a variety of business systems, allowing you to effectively use the data and act accordingly.

AI-powered chatbots are smart enough to detect when an enquiry requires a human touch and seamlessly hand over the conversation to a live agent standing by. At the time of the handover, any information or data gathered by the chatbot is instantly shared with the agent. This gives them valuable context to the enquiry, enabling them to assist customers without delay.

Retailers are also using the combination of chatbots and live chat to increase their online upsell capability. This extends to additional products, add-ons, upgrades, warranties, and more. As an example, New Zealand based electronics retailer, Noel Leeming, experienced 2.2X more product and service upsells after implementing their AI chatbot, Nola.

“Our Digital Employee, Nola, is seen as a great lead-gen tool. If we have four consultants on calls, and four consultants working just with Nola — the Nola consultants outsell the other consultants every day.”

– Noel Leeming

Are you ready to scale your eCommerce business? Get started by creating your own chatbot today.

Master The Art of Retail Customer Service: Enrol in our free 6-part email series to learn tips & tricks from the experts.

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