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Weather Strip Shows You an Hour-by-Hour Forecast for the Next Week

You can see an hour-by-hour forecast for any location in the United States for the next seven days.

Along with a temperature, you can also see humidity, precipitation chance, and even extreme warnings like storms and hurricanes.

The app has no ads, no tracking, or no third-party analytics. All data is stored locally on your device. An optional background app refresh will learn your habits to make better use of a data plan.

You can even view a recent forecast when an Internet connection drops, perfect for places with spotty service.

While its not a replacement for a full-featured weather app, it does a great job of providing a detailed and beautiful look a the forecast for the next week.

Definitely give the app a try if you’re looking for a replacement for the similar Weather Line, which was acquired earlier this year and will shut down in 2022.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, Weather Strip can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

You can try out the app for the first month for no charge. After that, you’ll need a subscription of $3.99 per year. A monthly subscription is $0.99 per month.

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