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Where & How To Efficiently Learn to Create Alexa Skills The Right Way | by Ipervox | Jul, 2021

I can say for sure that many of us have already noticed the increase of Amazon Echo users worldwide. This means more people will use Alexa Skills, which means more users for those who create Alexa Skills.

But, creating successful Alexa Skills is not that easy. You may have the best idea for a Skill, but it won’t reach enough users or probably none if not executed correctly.

There are a few things to consider when creating an Alexa Skill. Starting from the type of Skill you will build, to its design. In between, you will have to take care of the customer journey, its conversational capabilities, and the quality of the content provided to the user.

So, the next time you ask yourself how to create an Alexa Skill, these are the main checkpoint you will need to go through. This is where Ipervox can help you with an entire course dedicated to the process of creating a successful Alexa Skill, along with use cases and best practices.

The voice world is filled with apps from individuals & companies that can make your life easier.

They do so by letting you communicate in a way that’s more natural and efficient. Voice technology has changed the way we connect — and it’s only going to get better.

In our increasingly voice-driven space, it is of the utmost importance that you are included in the growing voice market. And we have no doubt you already know that. However, you should consider that voice apps are being used around the world to improve every service we already use — and even offer new ones — through voice commands.

What Ipervox offers in its courses is the possibility to start learning more about how voice applications work, how to create one, and their potential.

Here are the phases you can go through:

With Ipervox, the first step in your learning process to create Alexa Skills is the free training called “Play with Ipervox”. It is constructed in such a way, it will allow you to learn the internals of how a voice application works. To make things easier to understand the course is focused only on Alexa Skills.

This first course is separated into 9 different chapters, explaining different steps to follow during the Skill development, which is focused on:

  • How to navigate the Ipervox Dashboard during the development process.
  • How to create a new Alexa Skill, how to name it, and the type of Skill you can create.
  • The variety of content you can add to your voice app and how to channel it.
  • How to test your Skill, send it for approval by Amazon, publish it and later on analyze its performance.

Of course, everything mentioned above you can complete using our platform. Here you don’t need to have coding knowledge since it has been simplified to make the development process available for everyone. However, if you want to do so, you will have the option available.

1. How Conversational AI can Automate Customer Service

2. Automated vs Live Chats: What will the Future of Customer Service Look Like?

3. Chatbots As Medical Assistants In COVID-19 Pandemic

4. Chatbot Vs. Intelligent Virtual Assistant — What’s the difference & Why Care?

With this course, called Voice Tech Starter, you will go deeper into the voice development space.

You will learn how to create and implement a Voice Application in your business using the right tools for your industry and sector. You will know the features an application should have, how to engage with users, and set up your product for success in a competitive market.

In this course, you will learn about topics like:

  • Why Voice & Why Alexa.
  • Are Voice Apps Ok for every business category?
  • Principles of Voice Designing.
  • Choosing the best activation phrase.
  • Numerous case studies to take into consideration.

This, along with the needed materials & tools to put into test your newly acquired capabilities.

If you want to build your own voice applications and get ahead of the competition, then this course is for you. It’s packed with with more than 60 lessons in which we cover everything from planning to testing. We have included all the relevant videos so that you can learn how to plan, build, and promote a successful voice application. It’s also really well-designed with a great course layout that makes it easy to navigate and follow along.

Here you will learn about how to:

  • Find the best voice application needed for a specific brand or business.
  • Find the right kind of content the voice app will contain.
  • Create a Voice Project from scratch.
  • Create the customer journey throughout the voice app.
  • Create a unique yet helpful experience for every user.
  • How to create voice apps for marketing or monetization.
  • How to use a voice app for lead generation.

Voice search is becoming a growing trend. It has taken off because it’s convenient and the best way to navigate through web pages. Voice-based search is useful for older audiences as well as younger generations.

To become discoverable by voice-based searches, web content should be optimized to sound like what people say when they ask a question. This means using keywords that match the user’s actual query and making the search results sound similar to the way people speak.

Well, do not worry since this course covers it also, with topics like:

  • Understanding how voice search works.
  • Successfully optimize content for voice search.

Voice is a new technology that has been integrated into almost every device in our lives, from computers and televisions to phones and cars. Thanks to the proliferation of smart devices, voice commands have become a critical part of our everyday lives. Voice is not only used in our homes and offices but it can also be used on our phones, cars, and even appliances as well.

This is where having a deep knowledge of this industry comes in handy, especially for companies that are looking to create a voice strategy for their products. You can also create a new career path with a focus on voice application development.

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