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Skip a Visit to the Eye Doctor With the Warby Parker Virtual Vision Test App

Using the Virtual Vision Test app with an iPhone 6s or later, you’ll answer some quick questions to see if you’re eligible for the service.

Then, wearing your existing glasses or contacts, you’ll take a 5-minute vision test. You’ll need around 10 feet of space and a copy of your current prescription.

A qualified eye doctor will then review the results. If you’re still seeing well from the current prescription, you’ll be charged $15.

They may also recommend a more comprehensive eye exam with a doctor in person. In that case, you won’t be charged. Either option will be sent to you in 48 hours.

Just to note, the service is only for anyone with a single-vision distance prescription and not progressives or bifocals.

The feature is great for anyone who doesn’t have time to make an eye appointment or looking to limit time away from home during the pandemic.

The Warby Parker’s Virtual Vision Test app can be downloaded now for free.

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