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Clone your Expertise with AI-Enabled Workbots | by Botspice | Jul, 2021

Are you a small business owner? 24 hours just don’t seem enough. Getting tangled in between endless To-Do lists and wishing everything could be automated with a click of a button…all this while saving costs?

According to a recent Salesforce study, more than a third of small business owners worry about not having enough time in the day.

A major problem small business owners face is that most mundane daily tasks get divided attention; leading to quality being compromised or even tasks being abandoned before completion.

Enter Artificial Intelligence.

AI allows companies to automate numerous steps in both core and support functions thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With Artificial Intelligence one can assure consistency in business processes, especially for those mundane and repetitive tasks.

For example, you are a real estate agent, the job demands you to be in and out of the office throughout the day. As such, there are chances you could lose a potential customer while you are out of the office. But certain answers to clients’ questions can be delivered only by you. Therefore, cloning your expertise with an AI-enabled chatbot will ensure consistent dispensation of knowledge and commoditized expertise.

As a small business owner, there would be several doubts about applying “AI for my small business”. Will the investment give good returns? Do I need this cutting-edge technology? Botspice provides an easy customizable Workbot model that is easy to implement and grows with time.

Here’s are some benefits to cloning yourself using Artificial Intelligence,


Workbots are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can often answer customers’ questions more quickly and efficiently than humans. Cloning your expertise with a Workbot will not only allow consistent answers to queries but also make your expertise available during non-business hours.


83 percent of the small businesses surveyed don’t have IT staff to help them when technical difficulties arise.

With a Workbot business can grow without any complexities of adding technical knowledge. Workbots are future proof and it does not need much supervision once deployed. Botspice provides a variety of activity nodes to support a multi-lingual and multi-dimensional conversational flow. And it is easy to create and maintain a Workbot.


Gone are those days where one would fill a form and call it a lead. Replacing lead-generating forms with an intelligent conversationalist will enable a business to understand customer behavior. This valuable data can be used to identify the overall demographics and identify how they can improve the customer experience through these conversational funnels.


Businesses can analyze the statistical data and record market behavior over time to generate valuable insights for strategizing and forecasting future business plans. Through an analytics dashboard, one will be able to obtain a 360-degree view of customers. It also gives an idea of which lead is likely to convert into a sale.

It is benefits like these that make Artificial Intelligence the best fit for small businesses and business owners. Cloning expertise helps automate time-consuming and costly processes. While you may not be able to biologically clone yourself anytime soon, an AI-enabled ecosystem could be the answer to digitize and automate your business processes.

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