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How to Code for Beginners

What Is Coding?

You must have heard about engineers doing coding in their systems, but what does it mean? It is an act of writing a language that can be understood by the computers, which let them perform a task. Codes are compiled and executed to let the process happen. We can create apps, software, websites with the help of coding. Codes are written in a different domain, for example, a machine learning engineer will write code for their ML models. A full-stack developer will write code to optimize their website, and an android developer will write code to make android applications. Coding can also be referred to like computer programming.

Why Should I Learn to Code?

Coding lets you decode your future easily. It opens new opportunities for the future. It not only improves your problem-solving skills but also helps in fulfilling your dream of getting the highest-paid jobs. 

Coding empowers you to do many things you can solve real-world problems with the help of it. As compared to other skilled professions, doing the field of coding is the least hard to start with and reach your goal. Nowadays, big players like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, Goldmann Sach, etc., including successful startups, mainly focus on the coding skills of an individual to them a job with a decent salary. 

Becoming an expert in one programming language is enough for being a perfect coder in the beginning. The only requirement is a few months of hard work, lot of practice on real-world problems so that you can think of optimized logic and code them. ANYBODY CAN CODE !!

Step by Step Guide to Coding for Beginners

Coding is fun you will face some difficulties initially, things will be confusing and complicated, but with following a proper roadmap and constant learning, one may achieve it. Below are some of the steps to start with coding:

  1. Build a plan: First of all, get yourself dedicated and motivated, to begin with, by coding you may watch some motivational videos on youtube to convince yourself to learn it and what are the pros of learning it. You can’t force yourself to code this will not benefit you.
  2. Choose your career: As mentioned before, coding is part of different domains, so it’s essential to choose the field you want to pursue as a career in the future. It would be best also to consider how much time and money you can commit to enhance your coding skills. 
  3. Choose a programming language: This will depend on the field you choose. Here is the list of some languages that are needed in various domains:
    • Full-stack developer: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java 
    • Android developer: Java
    • Data Scientist: Python.
    • Competitive coder: C++, Java, Python (choose anyone for better learning). 
    • The languages mentioned above are not the only ones for these fields there are many more. 
  4. Choose the right resource to start your learning journey: The Internet is piled up with different courses and programs that provide you with the learning content. But we have to avoid getting confused and must try to go in the right direction. Choose it according to your level of understanding, whether it could be any youtube channel that explains the content in Hindi or English, or it can be any paid course from a particular website. There are many popular resources that provide you the learning content and consist of practice problems for specific topics in coding.
  5. Now it’s time to choose a coding editor: In the beginning, it’s preferable to code in a notepad so that you can get comfortable with the syntax of the programming language. Once you realize that you can write syntax error-free code, you are all set to choose a coding editor. It helps you write your codes but shift your focus on building and optimizing your logic rather than wasting your time correcting the syntactical errors.
  6. Now, you can start your practice in programming. The best way to practice is to build a project in that specific language. You can start with small tasks and then push yourself towards big real-world projects. Join any online coding community, which will help you interact with various coders and discuss your problems. This will build your confidence and will motivate you for your plans in coding.

How to Practice Coding

Practice as you have never won. Continuos practice is an essential part of getting success. So here are some steps to practice coding:

  1. You can choose an online platform where you can test your knowledge and see where you stand currently. It’s a fantastic place to check your understanding of coding. You can also come across popular interview questions.
  2. You always learn from others, so it’s good to read other’s code and learn their ways of solving a problem because there can be many possible solutions for a problem statement.
  3. Never get satisfied with one logic try to explore and make yourself think to develop more optimized logic. This is a great practice to improve your logical thinking skills.
  4. Debug your code: This practice will let you know about the flow of your code, and it also becomes easy to find bugs in your code. This will help in strengthening your coding skills.
  5. Involve yourself in some open-source platform: This platform contains the source code of the legally available software for the end-users. You can fix bugs, add new features, do testing this will help you enhance your programming knowledge.
  6. Participate in online coding challenges, test yourself and try to improve yourself with each try.


We started with the introduction of coding and proceeded with how to become an expert in coding. It’s not a tough practice. The essential thing is to start with it and maintain the rule of continuous learning. Few of these guidelines will help you achieve your goals and become a successful programmer, so keep learning.

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