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5 Reasons Why Dislyte is Like No Other Mobile Game You’ve Ever Seen

The Characters

The Espers in Dislyte are not simply anonymous generic heroes. All of them had lives before they were transformed into demigods by the Miracles, and that means they all have personalities and quirks.

There’s Tang May, for instance, who made a secret wish that she would one day be able to become a hero like the Esper Union, to fight for justice and help the weak.

Then there’s Lewis, who became a street gangster at a young age. After the Miracle arrived, Lewis’s parents were attacked by the Miramon and unfortunately died. He and his sister Bonnie became orphans in the streets.Disaster struck and the Miramon came again, and Lewis used his own two fists alone to fight him and Bonnie out of there.No one who can stop “The Crackling Iron Fist” of Lewis.

Each of the many Espers has a similarly deep backstory, and they all form their own relationships and go through their own ups and downs as the campaign unfolds.

The Mythological Inspiration

The Espers get their god-like powers from a familiar line-up of supernatural figures, with each of them taking on the characteristics of a particular god or monster.

For example, Tang May is infused with the essence of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Chinese mythology, while Lewis has received a dose of Ares, the brutal and warlike ancient Greek god of war.

The sheer breadth of Dislyte’s mythological influences, and the way its various gods and monsters are paired with complex human characters, makes it a unique and intriguing prospect.

The Graphics

A glance at the screenshots will tell you that Dislyte is a stunning game. Not only is it technically awesome, with slick 3D visuals and a clever, thumb-friendly portrait orientation, but the game’s acid graphic-inspired art design is out of this world too.

Dislyte has its own unique anime aesthetic, with a variety of imaginative costume designs, a colorful neon-soaked urban setting, and some epic, God of War-esque enemies that blot out the sky and fill the horizon.

The Dope Music

The sound is every bit as important as the visuals in the Dislyte universe.

There are cool urban beats on every street corner, with genres like pop, rock, and EDM all represented. Meanwhile, your guide in the game is DJ trainee Disk Boom, and whenever you need to summon a new Esper you have to “drop the beat” on your deck.

Dislyte is a gacha RPG for music lovers.

The Original Storyline

In a genre dominated by swords and sorcery and completely overrun by dragons, mages, and other timeworn cliches, it’s truly refreshing to find a game with a completely original story and setting.

With its richly drawn characters, all with their own complex backstories, and its vibrant aesthetic, Dislyte is like nothing you’ve played before, not just on mobile but on any platform whatsoever.

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