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16 Hotel Technology Trends Gaining Steam in 2021

The hotel industry is a subset of the hospitality industry and is in bloom ever since the past decade. Subsequently, the hospitality industry in 2021 has come to a whole new age of technology. Meanwhile, these advancements have helped the hotels to provide a memorable stay at their property.

As we now know, what the world went through in 2020. This pandemic tore down the hotel industry, as we all know. But now, the lockdown in many areas has begun to ease a bit. The managers are looking for modern-day technological solutions to battle any such trouble in the future. Hence, it has become very important to care for the health and safety of the guests. Such new-age technological advancements can be taken to use shortly.

The hotels tend to invest in more modern technology day by day as they want more footfall of the guests. And want them to book a suite immediately. Some hotel technology trends are limited to areas, while others are used worldwide. The first and foremost thing that a guest notices is the room on any property. Because of this, many hotels are improving the customer accommodation and overall. Experience.

We Bring You 16 Latest Technology Trends That Will Help You Retain Your Clients 

1) Keys on Your Mobile

Losing things in the hotel can be a nightmare, and adding a key card to your stuff elevates the mess. Hence, introducing mobile keys has decreased the hassle for the guests a lot.

2) Smarter Rooms

Gadgets have taken over our world and made our life a lot simpler. Offering the guests rooms enabled with the following:

  • Voice Assistance
  • Mobile Control
  • Face Recognition

These prove to be the best ways to make clients come back to your property.

3) Booking Optimization

This piece of technology in hotels is beneficial to both the guests and the managers. This allows guests to be familiar with the accommodation they are going to live in for the next few days. For the managers, this allows them to keep track of booked and vacant rooms in the property.

4) Automated Check-in

The pandemic has created a minimum contact mindset in people. Automated check-in is something that supports this as there is zero contact needed while checking in to any hotel, and it has been safe during the pandemic both to the guests and the hotel staff.

5) Software Upgrade

In the 21st century, it is quite important to have software for your hotel. Many SaaS technologies offer different kinds of customizable software for your hotel to help you with the travel and hotel booking app, tracking, room service, checking in or out, etc.

6) Social Interaction

Social media is all over the place now, and no one likes to be bothered by the staff members anymore. Using socials to intimate the guests or the staff is a convenient and time-saving way of getting things done.

7) Uninterrupted Internet

With the dependency on technology, it is evident to rely heavily on the internet as it helps to work, entertain and discover things in a new place. Also, the smart devices installed in the property need Wi-Fi or an internet connection to function smoothly.

8) Blockchain Technology

The hype for crypto has made many businesses accept payments in the form of crypto. These days many hotels have e-wallet systems that make the payments fluid. To make these smooth, it is important to have crypto and blockchain technologies in the hotel payment system.

9) IOT Applications

The hottest tech in the market is the Internet Of Things. Automating the devices within the suite will for sure impress the clients. This will, in turn, elevate the customer experience automatically.

10) VR Tours

To give the taste of reality, we have Virtual Reality tech. This permits the guests to experience different hotels, locations, and other facilities offered by various properties. This encourages clients to book the suite, and this could bring in heavy profits to the hotels.

11) Chatbot

Calling is outdated in today’s world. It’s the world of bots, and chatbots being handy in almost every scenario have proved it right. The majority of guests’ queries are sorted by these chatbots.

12) Cybersecurity

To manage the hotel tech systems, certain services and processes need to be managed. This is where the cybersecurity charges in. It controls and tracks all the online databases and actions and provides the necessary security.

13) Service by Robots

Getting service by robots could be fun and safe in today’s world. Post covid precautions have led to minimizing human contact. Hence the robots fill the positions up acquired by hotel staff earlier.

14) Smart Systems

Awareness of the client’s preference is always an additional touch to his experience at your property. To keep a tab of all the preferences, we have predictive smart systems that help customers remembering complex tasks and also the staff to remember the food preference of the guests.

15) Smart Recognition

This technology is handy when there is a need for an assistant to check in to the room or help supervise the workflow of the staff members, like punctuality or attendance.

16) AI and AR

As we all know, these are the blooming gems of the tech industry. They have played a crucial role in client service. This improves client retention by providing them knowledge like the following:

  • Tourist attractions
  • Famous cafés
  • Hotel amenities
  • Information of the location etc.


Today, technology has been in our lives and playing an integral role in it. These emerging technology trends have influenced different fields greatly and provided accurate results always. Making it easy for humans to do these tasks and improving the hybrid performance.

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