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How’s it like to Coexist with a Conversational AI, aka a Chatbot? 🙂🤖 | by Intumit AI | Oct, 2021

Imagine a scenario in which you’re about to return a defective product and you’re looking for a quick answer on how to return it (assuming that the company doesn’t have a FAQ page), and you needed to wait for 5 minutes before getting a reply.

Not time-friendly at all, right? 🥺

Here’s where Intumit SmartRobot comes in!

Smiling SmartRobot

Aside from giving you a definitive answer, Intumit SmartRobot can even provide you with several suggestions that you might need or be interested in. 😄

Such as cashback policy, product swap policy, and many more. Even if a company does have a FAQ page, navigating through the website may be considered a hassle to some.

This is why a chatbot is useful for both customers and service agents. Customers will get what they need quickly and service agents can focus on resolving a more complex issue simultaneously.

In addition, there are several features that a chatbot can be equipped with. For instance, rich menu contents, carousel contents, events and data collection features, etc. Not to mention, chatbots can be found on websites, social and messaging platforms, and even in-app messaging too. 💻⌚️📱

Those are just a few of the things that Intumit SmartRobot can do.

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