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You might not notice that every day what you command or request Alexa, gets stored on Amazon’s server which they use to analyze and reference for serving you according to your preferences. But as a user Amazon gives you full access to delete Alexa’s recording history. To do that you need to decide what you want to delete, you can delete every voice or you can delete some selective ones. Lets’ have a quick view of how you can manage and delete your voice data from Amazon Alexa.

Now with the advancement of features, you can easily command Alexa “ Hey Alexa! Delete all my recordings.” And all of your voice histories will be easily removed. Or if you want to manually delete all the voice recordings then you can simply do this by following these steps:

And all of your today’s or any particular day’s voice history will be deleted easily but before doing that it will also warn you whether you want to delete it or not? Deleting history was much more difficult back in a few years but Amazon’s recent changes made things much easier.

Instead of deleting every recording you can select and delete your voices individually and that allows you to view your request history and select according to that. To delete your recordings manually you can’t just command, you need to head over to the app to view it manually, and to do that you need to follow these steps:

Or as an extra advantage, you can just command “Alexa delete whatever I just requested” and your recent voice history will be deleted.

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What if you just don’t want Alexa to store any of your information and delete everything then you should go through the following steps:

And then you are all set to stop Alexa from storing your Data.

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