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The Best Smart Blinds Options For Your Smart Home | by Tapaan Chauhan | Oct, 2021

While you are opting smart home automation you might not want to fold your blinds manually anymore. And for that, if you are looking for some best brand suggestions for smart blinds, then here is a list of some best advanced quality choices and options available for you.

If you are looking for a well designed smart blind with advanced technology features then this one might be the best choice for you. Besides classy design it has multiple features to catch customer’s attention.

This smart blind from American Homesuplier has great durability with better motor quality. You can control this via hand-held remote or if you are not a fan of controlling via remote system then thanks to its wide range of compatibility, that you can even control this via Amazon alexa, Google Home, Apple siri and most commonly smartphone. Additionally, you can make a time schedule for automatic opening with just one click.

Price of this smart blind starts at $339.

If you want a latest technology and advanced featured smart shade within affordable price range then Soma Smart Shade2 is built for you.

This updated version of Soma Smart Shade is 4* faster than before which allows users to connect with various different voice assistance such as Apple homekit, Google home, Samsung smart things, IFTTT so that you can just command “hey! Alexa ask Soma to close the blinds”. Additionally it uses light sensing AI with which it can automatically controls window shades according to light condition. Also its’ build-in battery can last up-to 30 days so you don’t need to recharge very week.

However, this amazing device costs just $149.99.

It has all the similar and essential features like other smart shades. Nut additionally, this company allows customers to customize their own blind design according to their choice. You can manually select different size, shapes, color and roll-type. Not only that, it automatically operates your blinds during sunset and sunrise. And not to worry, it is also controllable through Amazon Alexa, Homekit, Google assistance and more.

Due to customization option the price of shades varies.

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If you are a fan of customized product then here is the another option for you. This one is ideal option for your bedroom as it is made with 100% blackout fabric so that it will darken the environment depending on the lighting condition. Also you can control up-to 9 blinds through one remote. Like other smart shades this one also offers hand free voice control through alexa, Google assistance, apple homekit and more. Easy customization and fast delivery option make it one of the top choices among smart shades.

Price range of this smart shade starts at $193.99.

This recently launched product has everything to offer you from 5 minute easy installation to smart automation. The most important feature of this product is its’ battery, which lasts up-to 2 months. And variety of its’ included adapters which supports nearly every roller shades so you don’t need to replace any of your existing cord. Additionally it offers all round compatibility supporting Aqara Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google assistance, IFTTT and more.

Price of this device starts at $59.99.

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