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Best smart devices for your Garden Place | by Tapaan Chauhan | Oct, 2021

In your busy life, you might find managing your garden every time much difficult. So it’s better for you to opt for making your traditional garden a smarter one and to do so you should know which devices will make your task much easy with great features and advanced technology. Here is the list of best choices for your smart garden.

Now you don’t need to step outside of your house to track water, light or temperature measure of your plants, you can track them just by sitting on your sofa using your smartphone, connecting with this device.

It has advanced technology sensors to track accurately the measure of water, light, heat that your plant is getting. Also you can track them for a long term using daily, weekly and monthly stats. It can easily pair with all other garden supplies so you don’t need to replace any of them. No need to worry about connecting methods as you can easily connect this device via Bluetooth.

You can get it from Amazon at just $37.


No need to worry about watering your plants anymore. This smart sprinkler controller saves your time, expenses and water in just one click. Thanks to its’ app compatibility, that it can be controlled from both iOS 10.3+ and android 4.4+. Its’ automation technology automatically skips unnecessary watering and works based on the need of your plants.

Price of this controller starts from $207.

This is one the most useful device to invest for. It makes you updated about every single weather activity including humidity, rain, and temperature. Not only that, it can alert you about indoor pollution index using CO2 sensor which can send you alert so that you control your home’s environment. Also it is compatible with other smart devices such as Alexa, Google assistance and more.

Price range of this weather station starts at $149.

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Smart garden is incomplete without having an automower. This automower from Husqvarna automatically maintains your garden 24*7 in any weather condition using advanced technology and amazing features. You can control this easily using your Smartphone and also you can command through Amazon alexa and Google home. No need to worry about managing because this automower uses GPS navigation to track down even a small patch of grass so that you can enjoy a picture-perfect garden view.

Price of this automower starts at usd=4,099 gbp= 3,999.


To get a smart look for your garden you must add a smart light in your smart garden list. This light from Philips brightens up your outdoor view with 16 million colors. Additionally, you can control this with your voice via Alexa, Google assistance, apple homekit and more. Also this smart light lasts up to 25000 hours with 2 years of warranty. This can work in any weather condition so you don’t need to worry about any damages.

Price of this light extension starts at 287 USD approx.

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