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Become 235 billion times more productive

According to a study done by scientists from Oslo and Gothenburg 69% of IT leaders says their primary obstacle preventing them from innovating is technical debt. Another study concluded that between 24 and 41 percent of resources were wasted on technical debt. Yet another study again, this time from Harvard, told us 11 million people quit their jobs in the US alone between January 2021 and July 2021. The sectors that were hit the hardest were (obviously) IT and health. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why, and if you don’t recognise the problem, you need more experience. We’ve all been there, our job sux, we’re burned out, and we feel awful about our lives. Every single time I quit a job myself the last 5 years, these were my exact reasons.

Life is simply too short to spend it fixing legacy garbage code!

If you don’t recognise the problem, you need to get more experience – Because I can guarantee you, this is how most of us feel. However, doing “the big rewrite” is insanely expensive, and most of us aren’t given the time needed to do this for obvious reasons; We’ve got revenue to make, existing clients to support, and 15 different production systems – Some of whom are probably so ancient they make DOS programs seems like “the new stuff”.

“The big rewrite” however, is only expensive because it requires developers to spend their time rewriting these systems. Hence, if we can reduce the amount of time required to do the big rewrite, obviously it would become much more feasible, both from the developer’s perspective, and from your CFO’s perspective. This of course would reduce the amount of technical debt your organisation has as a whole, making your organisation more capable of innovating – While also literally making you a happier developer in the process, since you could spend more time on the fun stuff, and less time shoving garbage.

In the video below I demonstrate Magic, which arguably is 235 billion times more productive in creating software than a human software developer. For the record, you’d still typically have to apply manual code changes after Magic having done its thing. However, my own tests in these regards, implies that for a small system, Magic literally does 48% of my job. For larger systems the numbers might be smaller, but even 10% improvements in these figures, implies you’ve got 10% more happiness, and your manager can have you spend 10% more time innovating, and 10% less time shoving garbage.

Such numbers makes “the big rewrite” more compelling for obvious reasons, with the end result being that your organisation increases its ability to innovate, due to reducing its technical debt – While also the individual employees becoming more happy about their jobs, reducing the amount of people quitting due to developer burn out. Basically; Win, win, win!

In addition, systems such as Magic obviously reduces the knowledge requirements for software developers to be able to do their jobs. Why you may ask? Well, let me provide you with a checklist of what Magic gives you out of the box, without you having to do anything to actually implement it.

  • Security? Check!
  • Authentication? Check!
  • Authorisation? Check!
  • Responsive web apps, working on your phone? Check!
  • Predefined Docker images, allowing you to deploy to production in 5 minutes? Check!
  • Best practices and beautifully written Angular code? Check!
  • Extendible backend code allowing you to apply your own business logic? Check!
  • Super scalable and blistering fast code using the latest techniques such as async? Check!
  • Perfect code, not even in theory able to create bugs due to human intervention? Check!
  • C# and .Net extension points allowing you to add your own C# code to the end result? Check!
  • Latest .Net 5 runtime? Check!

Many developers are afraid of Low-Code systems, and might feel these systems are here to “steal their jobs”. My take on it is that Low-Code is here to SAVE your job! In 6 months 11 million people quit their jobs in the US alone. A lot of these people were software developers. Other studies I have seen concludes with that 73% of US software developers are looking for a new job, and will quit their existing jobs before the end of the year. Don’t become a part of the statistics; Ditch the attitude, embrace the future, download Magic – And choose life and happiness!

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