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Guide to how you can change your Alexa voice to a celebrity voice | by Tapaan Chauhan | Oct, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Tapaan Chauhan


Oct 28 · 2 min read

Alexa’s robotic voice sometimes feels a bit annoying but do you know that you can easily change its voice to different celebrity voices ? Sounds really cool right? The best thing is you don’t need to go through various steps and processes just simple command and you will be able to enjoy your favorite celebrity voice.

However you need to know one more things that this facility won’t be free and you have to spend $4.99.

The voices are quite limited though. In 2019 Amazon announced their first and new celebrity voice of Samuel L Jackson for Alexa. Then they have added two more celebrity voices to this list : Shaquille O’Neal and Melissa McCarthy. So let’s head over to how you can request your favorite celebrity via Alexa.

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  1. Just simply ask “Alexa, introduce me to Shaquille O’Neal and Melissa McCarthy or Samuel L Jackson.”
  2. Pay $4.99 to enjoy the service.
  3. Choose between explicit or clean language.
  4. Then command “Hey, Melissa, set an alarm for tomorrow 7pm, Alexa, ask Samuel to play my favorite music, hey Shaq, what’s the latest news today”?

And there you go to enjoy the celebrity voice experience with Amazon Alexa.

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