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5 Reasons not to use Data (and why Most are BS) | by Amit Bhardwaj | Nov, 2021

If you are a data person by which I mean you use data or facilitate data to others for their use so that others can make “data-informed” decisions on an almost daily basis then you might have come across many scenarios where data is just overhead and sometimes using data even might be an overkill.

So imagine a situation where a person who is not aware of many aspects of data and how it can be utilised how much overwhelming it can be for them, right?

Business, product and engineering all, need to come together to get the right information from data, which means essentially tons of meetings, documentation and finally, the intuition-based decision is taken, which means why to use data in the first place.

Here are the top 6 excuses I have seen why not to use data — and simple solutions to get moving.

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