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Best Crowd-Sourced Device Testing Platform-Qantily | by Paramjeet Singh | Nov, 2021

Paramjeet Singh

Qantily is a product of Nexgen IoT Solutions. Nexgen was established in 2014, in Texas(US). It has come a long way since then with a presence in more than 5 countries and 150 employees. With specialization in OTT and Streaming media, Nexgen is behind some of the most successful OTT platforms globally.

What are the most important factors that have to be considered while developing software or a product for a client? Its use-case? Versatility? The back-end code? There can be endless answers to this question.

All these features and factors may go in vain if the product doesn’t turn out to be efficient and properly tested for multiple real-time test cases. Hence, it would be correct to say that testing a product is a very significant part of delivering the complete software to the client with no complaints from their side.

This is the part where Qantily comes up with its efficient and cost-effective services. We provide our clients with effective crowdsourced testing which enables them to find out the bugs and issues in their software.

We have been in the industry for enough time to understand the needs and requirements of our clients, and we work towards client satisfaction and upskilling their products to their best potential. Crowdsourced testing has a complete cycle of its own which it follows to test a software or product with real-time practical test cases.

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It helps in reaching out to a large community of testers from all over the world who verify the software properties in every aspect keeping in mind all its use cases.

The clients get the luxury of getting their product tested on multiple devices of different bandwidths by QA experts and beta testers at different locations just by putting it out through Qantily.

We give you quality assurance and make sure that your product is bug-free when launched in the industry.

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