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The Trusted Leader in Text Marketing- Cloud Messaging | by Cloud Ladder Consulting | Nov, 2021

Cloud Ladder Consulting

Cloud based messaging Service allows businesses to reach their customer at the right time with right information. Our REST API smoothly integrates with your existing application (CRM,HR ,Finance, etc. ).

Reasons why you should choose Cloud Messaging:

  • New Generation Opt-in/Opt out Solution: Cloud Messaging generates personalized QR code for each business, With QR code subscribers can easily subscribe to messaging service.
  • Experience awesome customer service: Allow us to demonstrate what excellent customer service is all about. It’s the foundation of our organization. Contact us for any questions or require assistance. With Cloud Messaging, Sending SMS marketing campaigns or having one-on-one discussions with customers has been easier, faster, and more economical.
  • Self-service: Sign-up, log in, get started. No software to install, no IT required.
  • Guaranteed and Secure Delivery: Fully guaranteed message delivery with encrypted connections.
  • Marketing Agencies: Message Marketing will help you diversify your service offerings and attract new clients.
  • Ecommerce: Send out mobile coupons, get qualified traffic, expand your customer base, and more.
  • Non Profits: Maintain communication with contributors, volunteers, and community supporters about fundraising goals and initiatives.
  • Real Estate: Cloud messaging can help you increase the number of inbound leads. Set up text for information campaigns and watch as the number of property queries shoots up.

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  • Religious Organizations: Church and other religious organizations’ text messaging improve communication with the community like never before. Inspirational messages, prayer chain requests, event reminders, donation requests, photographs, cancellation notices, and more are all possible!
  • Recruitment and Staffing: Turn your company into a distinctive and memorable brand to stand out in a sea of similar enterprises. Not just for customers, but also for future employees.
  • Restaurants: Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could alert your most loyal customers of an unannounced dinner special, or a last-minute dinner reservation opening? What if you could also offer a picture of something delicious? You certainly can! With Cloud Messaging, you can send text blasts to your customers in a matter of seconds.
  • Travel Agencies: Traveling is always loaded with complications. It takes time and effort to ensure that everything is correctly organized. As a result, travel agencies can use SMS services to help users feel less stressed.Keep them informed with upcoming travel news and deals.
  • Retail Businesses: Retail text marketing strengthens brand loyalty, raises top-of-mind awareness, and, ultimately, boosts sales.
  • Building (or increasing) your opted-in subscriber list.

Cloud Messaging- MMS Marketing

  • Write your MMS text, insert appropriate graphic
  • Choose your list, then click send to keep track of who is clicking links, subscribing, and more.

Cloud Messaging- API Access

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