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Toddler Games Is an Acclaimed Ad-Free Education App for Kids 2-5

Sure, your kids can melt their brains with countless videos of people overenthusiastically reacting to things, or compilations of animals falling over, but they can also use their screen time more productively.

Toddler Games, from specialist children’s app developer Clapenjoy, is the perfect example of a wholesome, engaging kids game compendium. While it’s packed with color and charm, it also boasts an encyclopedic range of puzzles, memory challenges, and more.

Designed for toddlers – or children between the ages of two and five – and developed in conjunction with preschool experts, Toddler Games is pitched as an early science app, though its educational scope extends well beyond the scientific.

The app will teach your children a range of lessons, such as how weather changes, how to grow vegetables, how pollination works, how to care for baby birds, how butterflies hatch, and much, much more.

But it will also impart more basic, practical information like how to dress appropriately, and how to be a responsible human.

Naturally, Toddler Games does all this not through dry, didactic presentations but through fun interactive activities.

These include jigsaw puzzles that see your kids sliding pieces together to create a picture, memory games that involve turning over tiles to find pairs, and simple matching activities that involve choosing the picture that corresponds with what a cute animal is doing on the screen.

There’s a coloring game, too, allowing children to create beautiful, vibrant, glittery pictures with a few simple taps and swipes.

Toddler Games is free to download, with no ads, and it comes with a coveted 4.4 average star rating from more than 14,000 happy parents and carers.

To get started, download Toddler Games for free right now on the App Store.

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