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Everything You Need To Know About .Net 6.0

.NET is a popular web development framework created by Microsoft. It has a rich ecosystem of features, libraries, and tools that enable developers to build high-quality solutions. ASP.NET Core, a successor of the ASP.NET framework, is the sixth most used web framework by developers in 2021, with a market share of 18.1%. ASP.NET development services are, therefore, one of the first options for companies that need web applications.

Being an enterprise-grade framework, the .NET framework for app development simplifies the process for developers. It provides a unique ecosystem with cross-platform compatibility that makes it easier to build enterprise apps and solutions across different systems. .NET Core is also the most loved framework, as suggested by a survey by Stack Overflow. The framework has always been one of the best for developing applications, and the statistics constantly prove its worth.

Stack Overflow .NET Core Survey

.NET developers build diverse applications and solutions – ranging from logistics management systems to FinTech apps. There are features to add e-commerce capabilities to applications, integrate payment gateways for transactions, send push notifications on Smartphones, better manage production schedules and inventories, and much more. Today, companies hire dot net developers to integrate their entire operations into a centralized system. 

.NET Framework for App Development in 2021

.NET consistently goes through updates and changes to keep the .NET developer skills polished and in accord with the latest trends. The framework’s latest release, .NET 6.0, recently came out in November 2021. With it, there was an influx of things that would simplify the process of application development. 

Before we understand the new changes, let’s look at why enterprises still consider .NET to be their trusted framework for software solutions:

  • Rapid development
    .NET for enterprise app development is perfect because developers can reuse components in the applications. It saves a lot of time in writing the code from scratch when the functionality and performance ought to be the same.
  • Cross-platform
    While .NET application development services prevail in the Windows ecosystems, developers can build apps across Linux, macOS, and Unix. It also simplifies the process of testing the applications on different systems, leading to fewer issues.
  • High performance
    .NET takes less computing power and uses a low amount of memory to perform regular operations. JSON serialization, database access, and server-side template rendering – dot net development services help in the completion of these tasks much faster than several other frameworks. 

Apart from that, the constant updates from the community and the support from Microsoft also build confidence amongst .NET developers and enterprises. This brings us to the latest addition to the framework – .NET 6.0.

What To Know About .Net 6.0 Release

Microsoft is calling .NET 6 the fastest .NET yet. Developers have been testing the framework since its launch, and the results have been promising. Many experts are inclined towards the understanding that .NET 6 might actually reduce the gap among different .NET frameworks. 

Let’s see what makes .NET 6 the next best addition to the .NET family in 2021.

1) Unified Platform

The biggest advantage of using .NET 6 is that now there is a unified platform for development across all devices. There’s the integration of browser, cloud, desktop, IoT, and mobile apps to simplify the development process. DotNet developers can reuse components easily and integrate with all devices for similar performance and behavior across all aspects – whether web or cloud.

Unified development platform

2) New Project Templates

There are much simpler and cleaner project templates that come with .NET 6. These templates suggest new features to the users, but it does not force upon them. Developers can easily use the templates and suggestions to create concise files without adding to more lines of code.

3) C# 10 and F# 6

Two popular programming language versions, C# 10 and F# 6 support the .NET 6 framework. C# 10 is useful in making code more precise and leads to rapid application development. F# 6 improves the application performance and simplifies the development process. It also offers a dynamic, profile-guided optimization system that delivers swift code optimizations.

4) Simplified Development

The new C# 10 features like global and implicit usings, new namespace syntax, natural type for lambda expressions, along with Hot Reload and Minimal Web APIs are one of the most important aspects for .NET 6 performance. It simplifies the development process as developers don’t need to get confused within a barrage of coding.

5) Better Performance

There are some hard-hitting performance improvements in .NET 6. From File I/O, interface casting to JSON serialization, everything delivers the best to .NET developers. The framework consumes less computing power and memory, enabling enterprises to scale their applications without any performance issues or lags in the existing solution.

6) SDK Workloads

Another feature that comes with .NET 6 is called the SDK workload. Dotnet developers can install only the necessary SDKs for operations and leave the rest aside. So if there’s a need for Xamarin, only that SDK is installed, which makes development easier. The small and focused SDK enables developers to create applications without any entanglement with other aspects.

7) Interoperability with F#

F# 6 now makes the framework more interoperable with C# and other .NET languages. It simplifies asynchronous tasks and makes development more performant and efficient. There are unboxed representations for F# active patterns. Along with that, it offers simpler debugging and 4x faster compilation of list and array expressions, which leads to much more performance improvement than the previous version of .NET.

Wrapping Up

The .NET ecosystem is a large compilation of frameworks. There’s .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET Core. The latest addition .NET 6 brings in great performance capabilities that are an addition to all the frameworks. There are amazing capabilities that the framework offers, which makes it the preferred choice for all forms of development – be it machine learning solutions or web applications.

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