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Interactive voice AI sculpture “You+Me” has been unveiled in Smithsonian’s museum | by Tapaan Chauhan | Dec, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Smithsonian’s Museum of Arts and Industries has introduced a new interactive voice AI sculpture that can translate spoken human words to lights and colors. The initiative or producing this sculpture has been made by Suchi Reddy and Amazon web Services, naming it “You+Me”. Naming this sculpture as “You+Me” was completely upon Suchi’s concept of “Society’s collective conscious”.


Talking about its measurements, the sculpture is 25 feet by height and 20 feet by width. It allows visitors to share their thoughts and feelings about the future, just like saying “my future appearance”. Multiple microphones are located on the sculpture that easily detects the words and translate them to colors and lights using advanced AI.

Together Suchi and AWS have worked for almost two years to make this sculpture using multiple tools starting from Amazon transcribe to the Amazon Sagemaker model. Also, if you are unable to make direct physical contact with the sculpture then there’s an online algorithm option available for you.

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“My original vision for me + you was to bring humanity to technology and create a sense of connectedness across the world, which seems more relevant now than ever after the distance we all felt during the pandemic,” Reddy stated while launching the sculpture.

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