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Top Choices for Programming Languages for Web Development

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With businesses going digital, it is important to understand the core languages that support pliable web development processes. Whether you are planning to transition your career graph as a web developer or looking for the best option to create your very own website, you need to understand all about the programming languages for web development and the choices you have.

Sure, you can choose the top countries to outsource web development needs for your business. However, you need to know the basics before you pick your choices. So, without further ado, let us check the top 5 programming languages that are apt for your web development needs.

Programming Languages for Web Development: What Are Your Choices?

1: JavaScript

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If you are looking for a renowned and historic name for web development, nothing could beat the versatility of the JavaScript programming language. This language allows the creators to indulge in web applications that are possible in the frontend as well as backend. Using JavaScript, you can also create mobile applications.

The prime feature of JavaScript is that it can operate on any browser or server that uses Nodejs. Moreover, it also has an awesome framework & library for web or app development.

2: Python

Python logo.

Another popular choice for web development languages is Python. It has become fairly popular in the past few years. Although it isn’t fresh out of the books, it has surfaced as a versatile web development language that stands the test of time.

Python language can be used for data science, web development, automation, & scripting necessities. It is quite similar to that of JavaScript and enjoys massive community support with a range of divisive frameworks, tools, libraries. These can aid you in creating a quick web application with a plethora of features.

Python is an ideal programming language that helps you master coding. So, for career enthusiasts just starting the learning process, learning Python would be an ideal move. It is ideal for web development as well as fast-tracking your programming career.

3: TypeScript

Typescript logo.

If you are looking for something that is advanced and ultra-modern in its approach, you mustn’t miss out on learning the TypeScript programming language. It is a favorite among current-generation developers. Similar to the way we have languages like C & C++, the TypeScript language is considered as the JavaScript++ variant. However, it might not be as popular when compared to C++.

The best part of using TypeScript is the fact that it helps add type-safety within the JavaScript code. So, you can easily catch any nasty errors related to the JavaScript code during the web development phase. The TypeScript programming language also makes OOC coding easier for JavaScript & the inclusion of different inbuilt debugging features helps make the web development process easier.

So, if you are a modern programming enthusiast, it is highly recommended that you master TypeScript.

4: PHP Language

PHP Language logo.Although adding PHP language might seem like we are singing an old song, but it surely deserves to be a part of the top-rankers list. It is among the best and easiest programming languages used for the creation of web applications.

PHP is a server-side, dynamic scripting language formatted to help make coding easier and highly functional when it comes to designing web applications. Almost half of everything that is on the internet today runs on PHP. WordPress, which is a popular software for web applications, is actually created using PHP.

It also has several creative frameworks, such as Laraval. It is powerful & allows the users a scope to easily create dynamic web applications with the help of an architectural pattern model-view-controller. If you are looking for something easy yet versatile to start with, make sure you learn PHP.

5: Ruby 

Ruby logo.Another dynamic and open-source web development programming language, Ruby, focuses on productivity and simplicity. Its elegant syntaxes are easy to read with a rather natural flow. Similar to Python and PHP, Ruby can be mastered with ease and is ideal for beginners.

One thing that makes this programming language ideal is the fact that it features a “Ruby-On-Rails” framework that powers versatile websites such as Airbnb, Shopify, Github, GoodReads, Groupon, & Kickstarter.

For the unversed, Ruby-On-Rails is actually an MVC or Model-view-controller framework that provides default database structures along with web pages and web service portfolios. It encourages & facilitates glitch-free use of the web standards like XML or JSON for smooth data transfer along with CSS, HTML, & JavaScript for ideal user interfacing.


That said, these are the top choices you can try to master for the year 2021 in the web development vertical. Among these, JavaScript and PHP are ideal for beginners who want to delve into something easier for starters. Although TypeScript is a relatively new element in the web development department, it sure is a modern and promising language for web development and creating feature-packed web applications.

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