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Write API Integrations in Laravel and PHP Projects with Saloon

Saloon is a Laravel/PHP package that allows you to write your API integrations in a beautiful, standardized syntax. At the heart of this package is request objects, which define how to get specific requests from an API. For example, to get a Laravel Forge server, you might define a GetForgeServerRequest class:

1use AppHttpSaloonRequestsGetForgeServerRequest;


3$request = new GetForgeServerRequest(serverId: '123456');


5$request->addHeader('Accept', 'application/json');

6$request->addConfig('debug', true);


8// This will overwrite all default headers.


10// This will overwrite all default configration options.



13// Send the request and get the response body

14$response = $request->send();

15$data = $response->json();

And here’s what the request class might look like:

1use AppHttpSaloonConnectorsForgeConnector;

2use Sammyjo20SaloonConstantsSaloon;

3use Sammyjo20SaloonHttpSaloonRequest;


5class GetForgeServerRequest extends SaloonRequest


7 protected ?string $method = Saloon::GET;

8 protected ?string $connector = ForgeConnector::class;


10 public function defineEndpoint(): string

11 {

12 return '/servers/' . $this->serverId;

13 }


15 public function __construct(

16 public string $serverId

17 ){}


You can also define default headers for the request via a defaultHeaders() method defined on a request class, which is merged with the base connector headers.

This package gives you an object-oriented, fluent system to work with, providing conventions to organize classes better around interacting with external APIs. Saloon works with both Laravel and any PHP project (PHP 8+) via composer, providing the following features:

  • Simple syntax, standardizes the way you interact with APIs
  • You don’t have to worry about Guzzle/Http Facade/cURL
  • Organize all your API integrations in one place
  • Easily add on your own functionality with plugins
  • Powerful interceptor logic to customize the response
  • Supports Guzzle Handlers for unlimited customization
  • Mocking requests for testing (Coming Soon)
  • Framework agnostic

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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