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Apocalypse Is a 1v1 Card-Based Spin-Off of War Commander, Out Now on Mobile

Set in the popular War Commander universe, Siege: Apocalypse is a PVP card game in which you go head to head with other players in battles of military strength and strategy.

It sees you building a deck, upgrading your army, unlocking new powers, and – if you play your cards right – causing untold human misery on the battlefield with a highly realistic array of troops and weapons.

Your Siege: Apocalypse deck consists of defensive and offensive tactics cards and units belonging to a number of different classes, including riflemen, snipers, paratroopers, rocket launcher troops, and, most devastating of all, tanks.

Your tactical options, meanwhile, include airstrikes, airdrops, artillery bombardments, and mines.

Story-wise, Siege: Apocalypse takes place long before War Commander. It explores the events surrounding the downfall of the first Rogue group, with story fragments gradually coming to light as you advance through the campaign and take down the dreaded Scarlet Brigade.

As you work your way through this story you’ll be able to take part in massive worldwide events and tournaments, experience new features and content every month, and complete new challenges twice a week.

Plus, if you put the time in you’ll earn prestige tiers that allow you to go gain early access to unreleased cards.

There are thousands of players across the globe to take on in Siege: Apocalypse, so you’ll need to channel your inner Napoleon in order to survive. Or, if that’s too rich for your blood, you can battle with bots in the offline mode, building up the skills for the main event.

Either way, battles take place on maps based on real-world battlefields, with gritty, authentic visuals really bringing the action to life.

Siege: Apocalypse has been a long time coming, and now that it’s finally here it looks like an absolute blast.

Download it for free right now on the Google Play Store or the App Store, just click here. There are the game’s official social pages to check out as well – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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